Thursday, December 31, 2009

Senaman Zapin di petang hari..

Ini sahabat saya, Danial..

Budak Batch 17, nme gelaran Atuk nme betul Amerul..

Kalu xsilap ak, tarian ni 29hb kowt..Ptg 2 dh kecoh2 suh komander trun..Bajet raptai la tp pehal pkai baju sukan slalu kai half u jer..Ak tgk dak2 part 1 dah berkumpul..La nk buat senaman zapin semua tu la..1 Malaysia la ktekan..Ak jmpe gak atin, n ak jeni yg malas nk menari2 bende alah yg ak xtau ni..Dari ak membodohkan diri (uik melampaunyer ayt!!) ak pun xbersenam la..Pas2 ble Atin mule ikut senaman 1Malaysia tu , maka ak pun terpaksa la join skali.enjoy jugak ar sbb nyorok belakang batch 17 (nk pulak kan belakang yg laki..enjoy seh!!)..Pas2 ad plak senaman budak2 kecik pe kebende alah ntah (skali lg saya tidak join 2tarian yg saya xtau itu)..Time 2 ak ad snap pic sket..Yg raptai lain ak xsmpt nk amik pic die..

PM2 tgh bersenam mbetulkan pinggang serta budak2 part 1 yg xberapa nk ramai..

p/s:pesal ak asyik migrain dr mlm td?Nk mati ke???Surat wasiat xbuat lg nih..Adoi!!!
Papepun semoga maju jaya kt ex pengarah uitm segamat Prof Dr. Haji Mohd Kamel Bin Haji Ibrahim..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

My cute as it get..

Sleeping in my sister laptop's beg..


Hey, I have a pet that was born on 12th May 2009..He's now about 7months right now..He's so fluffy and kinda cute..And the most thing that you should know is...He is very DongHaeish..Why I called him like it?His behaviour likely alike Lee Donghae..My cat not afraid of water especially rain..That because his name mean East Sea..And he never like to eat alone..You need to watch him eating..Love to sleep alone near drain at back of my house..He's love to get attention from other..Likes to play with my other cat whose name is Taemin and Woodong..Hehe..Cute right..And he likes to sleep with me..But the saddest thing happen when his broke his jaw without knowing the reasong..And he only had 3fangs..Sad (T_T)!!!

So he now very very a good cat..Well hope that my Donghae will alive till 3more years.. Tongue stick out..Cute..

p/s: I also had a cat named Kibum back then but die because of food poison..And he's so alike kim kibum..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An AdViCe FrOM me To Mr. Ok


Fine....finally He (not real name) shut his cyworld due to the leaked of his old photo...If I were him, I will quickly deleted all my old bad picture of me (thanks God I don't have one since I'm a perfect beauty..shut up!!)
As for me, if you're a celebrity, you should avoid thiss small thing such as your ugly picture from the past year, your message that directly hurt other and many thing that make the world the horrible thing for you to live..Well what can I say now??But for me, it's ok for him to get angry, but in my opinion he should delete all the picture because he should know how scary netizen are..I mean netizen really want to shamed you and many other bad thing that we can't imagine..Sad for him as he shut his cyworld.Ok2 lets end it here...And my opinion is, whatever horibble or ugly picture that appear from nowhere (usually from closest friend) he still handsome and go looking..

P/S: Go Go OkDaeriNim!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

JaLaN - JaLaN CaRi MaKan

Big Apple???

Pic nor , ak n Azie..
BY LiPasz

Last Sunday memang best gler.Apabila angah cakap "Ha siap .Jom tgk movie dkt Bp Mall!"..Maka kami semua pun bersiap2..Alah gerak je dgn kawasan yang penuh dan mcm traffik kt bp maka smpai pukul 5lby..Dorg nk nyanyi karaoke but aku refuse..Dh la rmai sgt lelaki, and obviously bende 2 lagha kan? So yg dpt kteorg buat, angah pergi masuk Pasific (aw dorg jual beras murah wei!) beli roti yang siap..

Pas2 dorg baru leceh2 nk g karaoke pas2 boling ak xbg sbb duit ad ke?(cewah ak cm annoying gler wei!)..Ak bgtau ak amat lapar , maka trus naik makan kt T Junction , tempat mkn kt ats BP Mall..Ak pesan mi hailam sama dgn Azi, nor mi sup but food angah kinda weird and masam..Yang macam nk kte annoying xjugak tp mcm susah sket kte mkn gne sistem tiket..Beli mknn pas2 dpt tiket, bayar pas2 g kt tmpt kte beli mknn bg tiket 2 balik baru dpt mknn..Tp kadang - kadang, lmbt jugak dpt mknn..Pas2 air plak mahal seh..

Balik tu kteorg bgtau angah "Jom beli Big Apple!"..Maka angah pun beli 6keping..Esok baru dpt makan , tu pun buat sarapan pagi..Eh kul 11pagi srapan ke?..Ok that for now..da..

Sunday, December 06, 2009


BY LiPasz

Again...Seriously suck for the person who buat my cermin mata..How come it looks like it?Ok2 baik saya perjelaskan kenapa saya marah2 ok?Ok late at 3pm sumthing, dlm keadaan hujan2 my mom pun ask 2 amik my spectacle yg buat kt Summit hari tu..Ok seriously harapan yg menggunung supaya my cermin ni better la dr yg baru..Tapi hampeh..Cermin die mmg la jelas tp yg macam sgt2 hina adalah dh la frameless, so potongan cermin bahagian atas mestilah icin, ni x gler ar cm ak lak kne kemaskan pakai kertas kasa..Benci tau x?Pas2 dah la ak punyer kedudukan hidung macam terangkat sangat2..I hate that kedai..Benci nk mampus..LEPAS NI JAGAN HARAP AK BELI KT KEDAI KO..Ak rse cm malas gler nk pakai cermin mata tu..Benci ar..

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

December Here I come..

BY LiPasz

As I read about the bad thing happen during november for korean artist, people hopes that getting into december gonna be better than nov..It's just about a month before we go into new year..New year 2010?that means I gonna be 21 nx year?wow the feel is not very good..Ha2 as I'm always depends on my family..It been decided next year I will get my driving license..

Back to the normal issue, baiklah tulis semula dlm malay..Before I type more ridiculous word in english ..Last month mcm bulan curse for 2pm..I mean not for them but for the Hottest..Don't get me wrong coz I'm also Hottest..But the most thing that make me mcm marah sket of coourse about the MAMA thing la..How could Ivy to that to my Nichkhun?Probably it just a performance but rather that that I would say that the outfit that night look very sexy..and overdose..wait!!why i'm hate this Ivy thing?not hate just a bit jelous maybe..

And not to be left about the taecyeon received a bloody notte..How scary it is if u received a letter write with a blood..but it just not an ordinary blood, it's a period blood.Yucks!!!It is the disguisting thing I ever heard..When I saw the article , I like thing about the pad that she used the blood to write the letter and I feel like throw out..Suck ok?!!It's very uncommon thing that people do to attract the attention to the person that they like..Well there are a lot of thing that they can do to support their favourite artist..Such as buying their album and go watch their concert..

Well, as for I am, december maybe a good or either bad month for me as the exam result will soon be known and hoping I will get college nx semester..I hope so..And laslty Hoping this year end better that last year..Wait2 I'm only get to enter my university until next 2nd january..Ha for the new student this november (such as SNSD Yuri and Big Bang Seung Ri) have a very good new year as a university student..Bye..

Thursday, November 26, 2009

You're Beautiful

BY LiPasz

Actually I can.t stop thinking about this drama..Since I heard about this story, and mostly anticipated about Jang Geun Suk new drama, I tried to find more about it.Bit desperately only can watch it now..Messing with class and wut so ever thing to be complete and exam...Finally, thanks GOD the drama did not end yet..Hahaha.. When I start watching this drama, I can't stop and wanna watch until the end..

Even rite now I feel kinda sad becoz there is no eng sub for ep 15..Sob3..But tonight is the last ep rite?Should think what is the end..

Wanna write some summary for the drama..The group A.N JELL wanna help Hwang Taek Kyung that have a problem with his voice and their President choose Go Mi Nam to be the new member of the group..The other member, Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki)..Kang Shi woo (Jung yong hwa..??)..ok with it but Hwang Taek Kyung fell bad..But on that time the real Go Mi Nam were at overseas because of bad plastic surgery..And his identical twin (go mi nyu aka Park Shin Hye) take the role as GMN..Many things happen as HTK is the firts group member know that GMN is a girl..

Ok2 tired already for write the summary..While it still aired, people enjoy the show ok?

Salam Hari Raya Korban

BY LiPasz

Ok2 selamat hari raya haji semua..Malas bebel byk..Smlm tgk Senario yg ep 2 boleh tahan la tp xgalakkan..Pas2 tjumpe speck yg cun gak.Mcm nk beli rini tp mak kte nanti2 jela..Xpe2..Ok la jugak kan..Kaler putih hitam frameless..Kalu ad rezeki nx sem bercermin mata baru

p/s:resah result kuar ni..Aduhai..Miss u Tin2 (tbe2)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brake up song..

Ini Teacyeon

Ini nichkhun

Ini DongHae..

This is obviously not me that is broke up with someone..Just think about it, I never had a relationship between man..Ok fine..Because I dont think that I want it at this age..Even if I'm 20 years old, but love is not necessary ok? Back to the point, as my sis in this room talking about her friend (my senior) just broke up wif her long boyfren..And this is their 33 times..And the girls crying like crazy..Is this the thing that suppose to be done?Well even this is her long lasting relationship..But who cares?But people cares when she acting like a mad people and sing like crazy..Okey2 enough already..

Now back to myself..If I were married to someone, cewah2 selalu ni berangan dari sekolah ak berkahwin dengan mereka yang memakai tali leher.Sebab utama boleh bantu suami dengan memakaikan tali leher..(eleh aida hanis cerita sal lelaki idaman ko pun sme gak!!, ske ati ak la!!)..Di sebabkan itu, maka start dari sekolah menengah saya telah belajar cara mengikat tali leher.Terima kasih kepada kawan baik saya, Nik Wajihah Nik Kamarulzaman kerana sudi mngajar saya cara memasang tali leher (bukan tali pinggang ok?)

Next is memberikan sarapan yang best2..Ala disebabkan maybe saya juga perlu kerja, saya selalu berfikir untuk myediakan sarapan ala kadar berupa roti bakar dengan tuna dari paket, pas2 kalau hari minggu baru masak something yang boleh dimakan dan simpan lama dlm perut.Contoh mee goreng kah, nasi lemak ke..

Dan yang paling penting, before g kerja mestilah cium tangan suami tercinta..Agak2 nyer la, ad ke laki mcm tu zaman sekarang kan?..I hope so la..
Now back to the topic,(aida pesal xstudy lg nih?)Aku nk cerita pasal pe ek?
Lelaki idaman saya?Banyak aspek2 yang perlu di teliti...Tapi bende2 basic la yang amat penting bagi saya..Ceh saya balik..

Inportant thing to be a candidate of my husband (berangan nk mampos ko Aida)..

1.Mestilah bau badan die xtengik, busuk melampau iaitu bau badan kuat lepas bersenam or berpeluh.Yucks I hate the smell of bau ketiak org yg kte bau tu...Rse mcm nk muntah pun ad gak..(ni basic aspect jer ok?)

2.Pandai amik hati my dad n my mom.Ad topik nk borak dgn mereka.Xd la kalu balik kg rmh saya duk dlm bilik je xd bende nk tlg buat.Tiap2 kali mesti nk balik rumah or kampung family die jer.Hello adil la ok?

3.Cre makan yang sopan.I hate when people makan (macam adik bilik ak ha) contoh minum milo cicah roti pas2 makan cicah pas2 sedut roti yang dh lembik siap bunyi 'srutt2'..yucks..tau x bunyi tu selekeh sgt2?I hate those ppl yang makan x ingat org lain..Kira makan xd la budaya yang berhemah mulia.

4.Alim dan kalu mualaf (tbe ad keinginan nk kawen mualaf ni)..akan saya hantar sekolah ngaji.sbb xkan la perermpuan yang ajar lelaki..Tercabar maruah wei..

5.Basic rupa mestilah kacak..Xkacak pun xpe janji sedap di pandang.And mestilah tinggi 172cm ke atas..Calon2 dah ad..

1.Lee Donghae.
2.Nichkhun Horvejkul.
3.Ok Taecyoen
Hahaha..Kinda saiko kan?Ni la gara2 saket otak xnk study..Or should I go now?Maka tataplah wajah mereka yang saya suka ni..Adioszz..

p/s:beza brakeup dgn brokeup pe ea?Past and present ea?Adik bilik saiko..tgh2 mlm mcn ni nak menyapu plak..Busuk ar, gi mandi sanun..Ini donghae

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Asam Pedas oh Asam Pedas

BY LiPasz

Finally, I'm back to Segamat.Well not just that, pada awalnya suppose my angah la mcm biasa hantar tp bcoz my dad habis kawad pagi n free petang serta mereka nk makan lauk asam pedas dkt PArit JAwa, maka pergi lah hantar diriku ini..Memang sedap sebab dorg masak gne ikan fresh.Al maklumlah tepi pantai..

Sampai uitm dalam 2.30 kot..Tgk jungle boot ak pelik pulak saiznyer..Mcm kwnku yg dh pulang salah amik saiz kasut jer..Xpe2..ptg ni jom g pasar..Tp ujan pulak..Ak dgn angah rancang nk g rumah ain kt klanng 20hb..Jom semua..Yeah.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Hampir mati

BY LiPasz

Hampir mati
bace subject organization dh 2hari xmsk2 otak
petang kang nk jwb pe?
jom mati bersama - sam..(T_T)..>3333

Monday, November 02, 2009

Happy Birthday My Dad..

BY LiPasz

Finally smpai juga besday ayh ak..Dh berumur 54 dad dh tua..di kesempatan ini, i just wanna wish semoga my dad be healthy all the way on his life..Adn dad, I love you..

p/s:nk ckp dlm phone xbleh sbb pg2 ad meeting..sian ayh ak..just msg jer..mlm kang la tepon..nk bg pe ek?...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Update Kami sama macam Abang Donghae dan Abg Eunhyuk (versi Malaysia)

BY LiPasz

Ok2 cukup la nx wik kami semua pelajar UiTM seMAlaysia akan mengambil peperiksaan..Ak pun dh malas maka mari kte tulis dan taip kami sama seperti Eunhyuk dan donghae (part 2)

1.Obviously kami, ish ni sedey sket ni cerita...Hurm like tin2 dad had passed away long time ago (keep the sorrowness dear...)..sme lah kisah nyer mcm donghae...

2. Terang2 donghae adik beradik ad 2 org jer..same ar korg ni..ak pulak ad dua adik mcm eunhyuk..(yeke eunhyuk ad 2 adik)

3. Ak ni pembersih,ske kemas almari smpai berjam2..pasti ingin kemas secantik2 tanpa sehelai habuk (habuk helai ke?)..namun malas bermandi - mandian (ini termasuk sekali dengan eunhyuk dan donghae)..lagi rela mandikan kucing dari mandikan diri sendiri...tin2 ak xsure..kemas jugak la tahap biasa2 kot..hahaha..

4. Ntah la. yang pasti kalu perangai donghae lebey kurang macam tin2 mudah lah kalu ak berkahwin dengan die..kui3

Ini semua angan2 yang xkesampaian..Paling kelakar 15hb kuar sal donghae kt paper ckp pasal die kesunyian xd awek..ak ni sape?hak3..mari muntah bersama2 yea kawan2..


Thursday, October 15, 2009

We're like Donghae and Eunhyuk Oppa!!

BY LiPasz

Rather than being like Xiah Junsu (whom tin2 like among DBSK member), we're like Eunhyuk and Donghae..U all know why?Firstly..

1. I know Tin2 when we entered secondary school thats mean we were like Eunhyuk and donghae that only know each other when they were about 13 years old..Rather than Xiah and Eunhyuk that were best frenz just like living at the nearest places.

2. Hahaha the socond one is we always being together..From school, I always go to Tin2's room..Hahaha same like eunhyuk and donghae whom like that..Wah2 seem that I like to go to Tin2 room until now..

3. We were at the same courses at university, eventhough I entered this university late about one semester.Just like Eunhyuk and Donghae that were in the same group.Opps I mean xiah and eunhyuk not at the same group rite?

4. I was born on October 13 and donghae oppa were born today Oct 15 meanwhile two of them, my friend Tin2 was born on 24th march and eunhyuk was born on 4th april..So we share the same zodiac..Seem that we were close becoz that chemistry..

5. Rather than being good looking, I were more funny person, good at making people laugh same as eunhyuk (nak donghae la)..but for Tin2, she can be describe as pretty...same as donghae that being called Handsome and good looking..

6. The surprise thing that I get is the personality between date you were born.My number is 5 that is Apparentice as same as Eunhyuk oppa meanwhile Tin2's personality same as donghae, they get 4 thats mean they were both an actor/actress..Good rite?

It's seem that our friendship wiil be longer than expected..Not becoz I don't want to be friend with her but the fate that gives us the longest relationship between friens..Let's hope we will never apart even after both of us graduate and married.Same goes as Eunhyuk and Donghae oppa!!Fighting..

Sebab perangai manusia lain dari yg lain 2

BY LiPasz

Hari 2 mak ad bgtau "Kadang2 org y lahir hari khamis la contoh, perangai dorg lain mcm atau x ok pada hari tersebut"

Faham x maksud di sini?That if u were born on Friday like I am, your mood maybe will be down at that day..Mcm along ak ganggu ak hari jummat..Hari laen xd ke?Trus bad mood bangun tdo..What ...

Happy Birthday my Dearest Oppa!!

BY LiPasz

Finally the second birtday after I know him..Eventhough his only 23rd but at korea he's 24th yo..Wah2 gumbira la ak tp pesal makin rmai ske kt my hubby ni? NI yang tensen ni..KAcak sangat kah donghae ini??Hoping will get married with him..Senang celebrate besday!!Hahaha...Chukayo Oppa!!Kissing you all my love!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Balik isnin naik kaki..Diner IMS @ party besday!!

BY LiPasz

Happy belated besday for me..RAjin sungguh ak taip blog ni padahal ak ad test dengan presentation..Maka sbb ak x ikut mak n ayh g BAgan Pinang ak pun pergilah Summit dgn Azie..Best la gak siap jmpe kawan Ain lagi..Makan McdonALDS dapat cawan kaler kelabu..Esok balik naik bus bertolak pagi kul 9.25pg smpai naik mayangsari n smpai muar kul 10.30pg tp tyme 2 dh tlepas bus..Xsure bus pe maybe bkt gambir kot..Geram giler amat2 tau x..Bus pu xd ha..Benci gler..Ok2 truskan pas2 ak pun jalan kaki dari bus station pegi smpai jauh la gak.Pas2 ad pakcik ni tny ak nak balik mne..Ak bgtau la UiTM..PAs2 die dtg lg nk htr ak smpai tgkak (pakcik kalu nk htr smpai tgkak baik xyah)..

Pas2 ak cm refuse la..Nk pulak ak naik motor die (kalu betul nk bw ak naik motor la)..PAs2 dlm 72km nk ke Segamat baru la ad bus.Ak amik smpai Jementah jer..PAs2 dalam kt matrix tgkak dh xd org dlm bus rupe2nyer..Pas2 naik pasangan ni..Smpai jementah angah ad dgn kwn2 die pas2 sandal ak putus..Trus malas nk g kelas bli makan buke bli mcd.Pas2 balik kelas petang baru pergi..

Besday ak??Thanks la pada yg wish n yg bagi hadia..Tin2 thanx for the walet..Naseb baek ko bg wallet bukan purse kalu x ak xgune la..Ha thanx kat Linda Mira Basyi Paie....Farah Ain and especially my dearest frewnz...Daniel...Diner mlm td ok la..Ak pun pkai baju kebaya hijau along pas2 mekap ala kadar jer.Tgk la tin2 gler hebat ad akk bilik tlg mekapkan..Kan seronok ad akk bilik sbb dorg mmg best akn mekapkan kte kalu nk g dinner..

Hoping all become better ok?Ha 23 nk balik rmh sbb along pun ad n cuti kejap..PAs2 dh stst Exam..Hope dpt result gempak....

p/s:tin2 ko balik merdeka ea?(aka deepavali)
Awal2 pic perjalanan ak..Pas2 pic dgn Tin2, BAsyi n ak basyi n aza..

Monday, October 05, 2009

Jumaat Makan Piza , Ahad kena bumping..Hebat!!!

BY LiPasz

Alkisahnyer hari jumaat, ak linda basyi serta izzati keluar nk mkn piza.Kt pizahut 2 plak cm penuh dan xd org yang serve kteorg.Pas2 sebelah meja ad rmai jejaka yg xberapa nk kacak (padahal agak kacak ,ak je xprasan sebab xtgk) mkn dorg ber3 order piza ak je sorg order spagetti maka smpai nk balik baru dpt mknn tersebut pabila ak mintak.Dh la piza shrimp pe ntah xsdp.Menyesal curang dengan Thai (sorry Nikhun!!)..Pas mkn kteorg gi belikan hadiah (ak belikan akk bilik ak pnyer hadia, sorg belikan hadiah ak dgn ijat)..Pas2 g Upwell main game amik2 brg 2, yg ak dpt pas2 org lain terus xdpt..Penat dan membazir sajer..Bli barang pas2 g billion balik naik bus uitm..(yay jimat tambang)

Hari ahad lg penat sbb kne serve mknn keluar beli gula, buat air serve vip yg petang punyertp lastly kna denda bumping 40x..Wah hebat xkami..Dh la lme plak 2..Celaka korg.Org yg buat keje kne denda (yela dh bekerja mesti la ad kt tmpt kejadian) org y xbuat keje selese je kt bilik. Maka tgn pun penat dan lebam2..Shial seh...benci2

Dah la xkan la aku nk bunuh dorg sumer..

p/s:apsal ak xmandi lg ni? lihat wajah mereka main kuiz kt kertas atas meja pizahut.gmbr perkad lain thn lain ke..

Thursday, October 01, 2009

My Lovely cute adorable niece..

Ni dgn mak die

Dengan atok die

Ainul.. With her mom..during raya


With me..
BY LiPasz

As I consider either want to put myself without tudung at my blog, my heart like bombing to post about my niece.Hello who cares to see u without tudung Aida?Crap..there's no one la read your blog..Agree!!Ceh so this is the face of the lazy baby..She's got fatter everyday since my sister drink Anmun..ok2 great..Picture of Ainul Zalifah...Ha and today is my sister aka ainul mom besday..Happy besday Ain..Hoping you will always happy and in good condition..

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Good Old days

Ini gambar semasa kawad kaki polis daerah kot..Menabg johan wei.tibai sape punyer ntah..

BY LiPasz

Tadi di hantar by my dad and also my mom and my last sister.Arrived actually at nearly 5.30 kot..who cares??Actually my 5th sister nk ikut cz it's her last day to play a lot since she will have SPM this year..Ala unfortunately my dad is using my angah car that she bought and have it on thursday..Ala kancil je kot.So after send my along at BP bustation, then it's my turn to be hantar to uitm segamat.I'm hate to ride this car cause it's small and I can't meregangkan my kaki..n also my pinggang sakit la sebab xd penyokong kepala n the back seat kinda short..hahaha..finally when arrived here, asking money from my mother...(i'm used to asked my mom money in old days when I still a secondary student so how I gonna stop?)

Then finish unpack my thing...then i remember during my way back to uitm, when I started to live at hostel back when I gets 5A's in my UPSRR examinatin, i'm kinda freak as i'm heard a lot about things happened there..Wei it's ridiculous if there's nothing happened at those school yang ada hostel..Kira one of the horror school I've attend la after my primary school back at port dickson..

My life in secondary school? I'm not used to be a good student as i'm always have a lower grad...Hahaha thanks God i'm finnaly here as looking at my result every year..Kinda freak rite? Well eventhought i'm not very good during school time, i'm always received a LOT OF you know what it's mean?Only people who school with me or the person who LOVE ME SO MUCH will know what they have done to me..So to no freak everyone, lets abandon that topic..hahaha

Finally, my attitude during secondary student looks like i'm very humble with teacher..yeah well dont ask more..hahaha..ha opss before I forget the hillarious thing that happen to me, let me tell u this, there is a case that one of the student like me..freaking!!!damn2..actually he also heard that i'm secretly admirer him..what is that?

Ok before good girl gone bad let me wish all the readers..
Selamat Berpuasa Enam..Wasalam
p/s:patut dah publish semalam tp ad error rini baru dapat publish 10.20am 28 sept 09

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hari Raya Yang Hampa

BY LiPasz

Salam lebaran kepada semua tetapi apsal ak mmg xd mood nk celebrate raya tahun ni?Memang malas amat.Ok xcually akk ak yg dh kawen 2 balik so mcm best la.Smlm pas mandi solat subuh trus main internet (jika anda perhatikan saya amat aktif main fb di kala pagi hari)...Pkai bju kurung pas2 xd pape trus dorg nk balik kg.Tp g rmh yang kt tangkak 2 je.Balik2 dorg lapar dh..Mcm ak dgn adik ak yg nk SPM thn ni, duk jer kt rmh..Basuh baju (azila) ak plak mkn2 n trus mkn..Xd la ak kemas basuh pinggan dan makan..

Alangkah gembiranya ak kala bulan puasa, xd hantu dengan mcm lg yg best...MAybe ak trus puasa stlah msk balik uitm 27 hb.Ak ad presentation 14hb..Nk beli kasut baru!!!!

p/s:ak xheran la dpt dwet raya byk...uitm bg lg byk!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sebab2 perangai manusia lain dari yang lain.

BY LiPasz

Ak slalu terfikir kenapa perangai seseorang tu berbeza antara satu sama lain.Makna nya korg lahir pada hari dan tarikh yg sama x semestinya korg ni perangai sama.Maybe ad sikit la perangai yg sama.Antara sebab2 perangai org xsama antara satu lain ialah.

1. Hari anda di lahirkan.
Macam ak lahir hari Jumaat, Ssaidul Ayyam, penghulu segala hari.Tp pasal hari jumaat ni ak xtau sgt nk berbicara.Mungkin sbb ak x mendalami pasal hari2 ni.

2. Tarikh anda dilahirkan.
Mak sy pernah berkata kita ad kne mngena dgn tarikh kita dilahirkan.Contoh mcm ak lahir 13 haribulan 3+1=4 jadi perangai 4 ni lain la dari org y ganjil.Kre ganjil dgn genap beza pas2 nombor y dorg lahir pun beza gak.Faham x?Ak pn xberapa paham.Hahahaha

3. Bulan anda di lahirkan.
Macam ak yg lahir dalam bulan 10 aka bulan Oktober, perangai ak cm lain sikit la dr bulan2 lain. Ak ske budak2 kecil, selfish sket, nk tlg kne tanya ak dlu, peramah sgt, ske buat kawan dan sebagainya. Kre beza juga kalu seseorg 2 lahir awal bulan, tgh bulan n hujung bulan.Sangat berbeza ok.Sbb 2 perangai ak dgn budak yg lahir beza 2hari dgn ak pun amat beza.

4. Bulan Islam anda dilahirkan.
Ni yg paling beri efek amat ni.Ak lahir Hari Jumaat bersamaan dgn 12 RabiulAwal 1410 Hijrah iaitu Maulidur Rasul. Perangai org yg lahir dlm bulan RabiulAwal ni panas baran sket (patut la perangai ak dgn my dad sme)..Yg lain ak x ingat korg rujuk la facebook ok?

5. Waktu anda di lahirkan.
Yela ikut suhu la panas ke sejuk korg lahir.Ak sejuk la sbb lahir pagi.Ad juga yg cakap kte ni ad teras dan sifat masing2.

6. Zodiak anda di lahirkan.
Ad efek wei. Contoh adik n my mom yg rajin mengemas sbb mereka lahir thn tikus.Yeke?Ak kre xbrape nk berkawan dgn mereka la maksud xmesra la sbb ak kawan dgn adik ak yg lahir thn monyet.Faham x akibat ular kawan dgn tikus?

7. Ank ke berapa anda di lahirkan.
Ak ank ke 4 jadi ak unsur tanah.Kadang2 xbley bsama dgn along yg api..Huwa3

8. Lg pe ek?Ak rse nme kot
Nme korg ad mainkan peranan penting.Maksud nme korg dgn jumlah nme korg kalu dh di tambah.Itu juga jadikan korg budak yg baik.

9. Suasana korg mbesar.
Kalu family bahagia korg maybe baik , maybe la tp kalu kluarga porak peranda xtau la.Kna ad pembawakan yg baik dlm dir..

Dah la ak xingat nk tulis pe lagi.Kepada semua umat Islam di Dunia ni "SelaMat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin"...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cuz I can't stop Thinking but U...

BY LiPasz

Xd pape la.Juz hepi lastly my family dpt dtg n my angah gave me the thing that she bought from kl..Fan dgn bluetooth je.Murah la kalu beli kt low yat.And the surprise thing is baju raya tin2.K tin2 so rye t xyah susah2 nk beli baju raya ok?

Last tuesday during En. Ezan class (jum 2 ad test die yg agak2 hino la ak mjwb nyer sbb ad 5 Q je wie bce mcm nk mampus!!) die pun borak pasal family die, pasal ank die yg kne Cancer die hidung kot..Thrill gler kalu ak yg kne wei..Tp benda 2 sumer dh brlalu.Skang ank lelaki die 17thn dh ok dr sakit 2 (hopefully)..And then after jam dh nk kul 5.15 die ckp "ad sy tunjuk gmbr anks sy yg kawen 2?"..Kteorg pun kte la xpnh.and die pun tunjuk.Mcm2 btul acara kawen die.Meriah la sgt2.Smpai kteorg yg tengok pun jeles amat wei.Adalah zapin inang bagai wei..Please la sgt2 .melihat semua itu tlah mjadikan ak amat jeles nk mat.Bila kteorg tny "how old ur daughther sir?" (utk pngetahuan ank die tgn preg ok?).."so what year r u were born? tny kteorg balik plak. Maka ank die sebaya kami tlah berkahwin pada TAHUN Lepas..Kamu semua!!Faham x makne TAHUN Lepas ?Die berumur 19 thn dan tlah di pikat oleh suami die sejak form 3 lg?Suami die beza 7thn la.KAya kot siap dpt kete for wedding..

Kawan2 sedarkah anda sewaktu tingkatan 3 ak bukan setakat tingkatan 3 la sekarang pun tiadda org mahu..Tingkatan 3 la ak di ludah hina oleh org yg tidak di kenali (siap lah ko kt akhir kelak wei!!)..Form 3 ak masih kne sembunyi bawah meja sebab kne kaco dgn clasmate tp budak ini tlah pun ad org nk?Bayang kan kwn2?(korg ad brani bayangkan?)..Pas2 smlm ak tgk bdak ex kolej ak pulak y mngandung 6bulan...Penat btol kan?Jeles lg!!!Tp apakan daya ak maybe kawen lmbt kot.Dh la x cantik xd org nak plak 2.Hampa btul la..Hancur harapan nk kawen awl..Sob3

Maka di akhir cerita, mimpi2 ak berkahwin dgn Taecyeon hancur berkecai la sbb mmg xd org yg akn berkawin dgn ak..Dh2 aida melalut sbb mls g OPKIM ptg ni..

p/s:thanx kt angah bg simcard broadband y laju ni sbb laptop die dh rosak.Naikn lg RAM padan muke ko...HAhahaha

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ianya x seindah yg di sangka...

BY LiPasz

I kinda sedey n sympathy with my frenz.Yela dpt rumate cm2..Rse serba salah pulak (pesal ak nk bersalah plak bkn ak rumate die)...hurm kre mcm rumate bru ni xbest la.Nk kte baik sgt xd la..Tp paling sedey ble die kte kwn ak bodoh..Relax la...Tp ak still cian kt kwn ak..Dh la budak batch bwh kteorg..

To my dear frenz, sabar jela bulan2 pose ni..Jgn la sbb budak 2 ko xnk dl lg..Biar la die.G lantak la sme die..K take care..

p/s: nama org tersebut tpakse di rahsiakan..takut2 ak yg jd mangsa plak...

Monday, August 31, 2009

Selamat Hari Merdeka

BY LiPasz

Sedar x sedar dh 52 thn kita merdeka.Tp hari ni kna balik rmh plak sbb cuti dh hbs..Sronok balik rmh n g jln2 tp yg x best ialah my cat were badly injured.xtau la pasal pe tp truk la on da way balik ke sini (my dad hantar balik with my mom n angah)..My dad buka radio klasik fm..Yela Merdeka2 ni ad la rncg radio yg slalu kuar kt radio.Agak menarik la.Tajuk die Cucu Seorg Pejuang Kemerdekaan (lby kurg la sbb meaning die sme)..Sedey gak sbb die iaitu Fauzi Nawawi mcm nk bawa balik pejuang kemerdekaan balik ke Malaysia padahal atuk n kakak die tentang habis habisan sbb Wan Pit (kalu xsilap ak) bukan pejuang kemerdekaan.So mcm konflik la sbb dh last atuk die (datuk rahim razali) n kakak die (marlia musa) still mrh2 dgn die.Dh bg nasihat akhirnya die sedar la y semua tu salah.Tbe2 dtg tunag die (nasreen ngasri) bgtau salah seorg penderma bg tujuan membawa pulang Wan Pit tlh d tgkap atas sebb mengugat keselamatan neegara.So kira selamat la cucu ni..

So on da way 2, dh hbs dengar cerita radio 2 ayah pun trus cte sal mengalahkan komunis.Ayh kte die dh xingat ble tarikh2 die bertempur dgn komunis.Ad la jugak psl kwn2 die y mati kne tembak semasa dlm latihan.Dn ayh kte gak mse komunis bertempur dgn polis dkt baling kedah kot (xsure la) dorg kne tlg smpai xdpt kuar dr kwsn tersebut..

Lihat betapa kita walaupun dh merdeka masa thn 70-an masih ad lg komunis.Seharusnya kita bersyukur negara ini masih lg dpt di kawal..Nasib baik my dad still alive..kalu x maybe i'm not here...sob3

p/s:gmbr copyright

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It hurts me again and agaib

BY LiPasz

Finally ramadhan is back and my stomach feel the same as the past 2years back in 2007.I'm not have any feeling to eat rice because when I open fast eating nasi and so other food, my stomach hurt a lot and the food not seem too much open my appetite (mayb rindu nk balik rmh)..But back to 2007 when i'm still a school student as a form 6 student, i only open fast drinking kacang soya..So wut now?it happen again to me.I mean it's not my attention to not eat rice for this whole fasting month.Oh God, how i will go through this? Insya Allah maybe when i arrived home there will be a delicous food served for me.BTW my sista called and said that this friday our place will have feast for berbuka puasa. Hoping that there will be something that make me hungry. Please2 make today better than yesterday..Hahaha it's almost 4 day i did't go to the masjid to pray for terawikh.What can i do? we're having a lot of assignment!!!!

p/s:hancur need talk or typing in malay..polish english skill

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sedang mencari artikel dalam Emerald di kelas En. Zul..

BY LiPasz

Ak pun duduk di lantai yg empuk sambil bersila.(ada karpet la ktekan pas2 xd la kotor sgt, dorg xpkai kasut)...Sambil itu saya juga menggunakan internet university (how sweet!!!)..Ambil2 gmbr sambil mencari artikel networking..(en zul kte computer networking la!!)Ok2 mari kte bergambar..

p/s: biar korg tgk sendirri..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday JiYoung Oppa..

BY LiPasz

The best leader in kpop..Eceh tipu la.Kre sumer leader powerfull..Well hepi 21st birthday 2 my Oppa Kwon Ji Young!!Wish always be blessed with spirit 2 conquer the world wit ur music.Oppa fighting Big Bang Fighting!!

I blow the light out...Hurm maybe the third time..

BY LiPasz

Hahaha..what a truth story ok..Mcm biasa hari selasa kami semua komander n dak bakal komander akan solat subuh n joging.Tp rini xrmai n pengarah pun xd..So agak bengang la dorg ni (mksd org atasan)..Maka lepas lari (ak jln sudah!!)..ak pun saket perut , kire cm nk balik la sbb kalu tumpang admin karang sme je cte.Siap kne tegur dgn Fuad n Danial..

Berbalik kepada cerita asal di mana saya selalu charge mp5 kesayangan saya tiap2 mln sabagai langkah berjaga - jaga kalu xd bateri..Maka tengah nk betulkan tali charger tbe2 "Dushh"..maka keluarlah api2 dari plak kedua dari meja ak..Hahaha dh tampal selotape bgtau rosak..Kre ni perkara terbakar kali ke3 ak lakukan semasa ak idu..Sorry la ea..

Kisah pertama berlaku sewaktu zaman sekolah.Time 2 form3..Iron bilik ak kinda cm nk rosak (iron akak bilik ak ga ni)..Cm kalu nk gne xpanas cz xjejak sgt la.So kne tekan2 sikit..Tngah best2 iron, tbe xpanas so ak pun tekan..tbe2 meletup iron tersebut..Maka dengan sekelip mata seluruh Sek Men Sains Tuanku Ja'afar bergelap..Ak pun wat dunno jelah..Maaf yer skulmate ku syg!!!HaHA

Kali ke 2 mse part 1 kot..Ak punyer charger Alcatel that is so lame la yg buat hal.So skang ak menggunakan charger Nokia..Mmg tyme 2 pura2 bkn slah ak la..Ni pun dh tukar bilik laen. Hope charger mp5 ak xpape..So kalu terpape tpakse guna laptop nk charge ni..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Modul Part 4

BY LiPasz

Modul part 4 y berkahir petang td tlah menjadikan grup ak iaitu grup 3 CIRCLE sebagai Johan.CEwah hebat markah grup kteorg ok?
Pic?Ak xbw hp ttgl kt bilik tin2 plak.T la ak minta kt Linda pic tp dlm DSP la..Hurm penat sbb maen treasure hunt..Jom tdo!!

p/s:esok ad AGM komander lg..Aiyo!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The One That everyone Adore..

BY LiPasz

Yela2 ak post la gmbar kasut baru y ak beli kt Cartino Sonea dgn harga rm10 sahaja.Ceh rmai gler jeles dgn kasut itu kerana sudah tiada saiz mereka lg (ak amik saiz 40 je)..Ok sila lihat pic kasot ini.

p/s:amacam puas ati x?mang berbaloi beli kasut tersebut kerana harga asal beliau ialah rm49.90..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All I wanted to say!!

BY LiPasz

Okey jd pg td ak pun tlah bngun kul 5.33pg untuk ke Masjid (eceh nk bgtau gak ni) untuk solat subuh berjemaah sekali dgn joging la.Smpai2 je dorg dh azan n trus amik wuduk n solat berjemaah.And then hbs solat n doa pengarah kami Prof. Dr Mohd Kamil Ibrahim bgtau "Jgn dengar cerita pasal uitm nk tutup ni" Betul 2 prof. kteorg pun xnk tutup2 semua ni.lg die ckp kte kne jge kesihatan especially mereka yg ad saket mcm obesiti diebetes n lemah2 cm 2 la.Tbe ak bersemangat plak nk joging.Hbs joging cooling down amik nasi lemak balik tido..Bgn tdo mandi pas2 g kelas balik baru la ak mkn nasi lemak 2.Ptg kelas dh lapar balik.Pegi pasar terserempak plak dgn budak y aku notice ak pernah mimpi die tyme ak form 5..(haha hebat x aku siap boleh ingat ak penah mimpi sal die lg,) (ok sekadar mengarut memberitahu die sudah punyya awek dan selalu terserempak mereka bersama, ayu awek die wei,) eh ngarut..Ok i mean that i maybe ad hati kt die?eh d hati?hello jgn mengada2 helo!!Ala jeles die ade awek..Tp pesal kalu ak lalu tepi die ke waktu terserempak di Unimart aka benteng slalu jeling2 ak.Cewah..

Ok aida jgn mengarut.maka esok kne present subj IT..Eh2 kt radio korea ni ad lagu FT Island Girls dont know..Yeah!!

p/s:Wei sila la bgtau betul ke MTV world kt malaysia ni ad ke x 2PM?

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ok maybe x tutup lg bagus..

BY LiPasz

Did anyone know that UiTM Machang had been closed due 2 H1N1?They will start their new semester next year.That means that bru next sem la dorg blaja.So mebazir..Menbazir satu sem gre2 h1n1 ini.Grad lmbt bermakna kawen lmbgt la gak..Aiyo hbs 2 ak grad 2011 la.Hine wei please la jgn wat kteorg cm ni.Tbe sumer ni fugaan dari Allah..
Seriously mcm mbazir la dh byk belajar last2 skali kne extend 1sem.Malas lak ai.Tp dorg buat 2 sumer kerana takut la wabak ni semakin merebak. Mau x nyer UiTM segamat jer dh ad kematian. and semalam my mom cm tepon why uitm segamat x shut down or cuti.Ceh risau ea? She hoping that i will take a good care of myself.

Ok ni part yang fazly paling suke (ceh hine sbb ak xske).Cerita nya bermula seperti ini..hehee sila tepuk tg lompat tinggi2 keran ak dh kne kick o- out mlm td dari bilik my fren kerana Hanis tlah pulang dr Festival Filem di Sabah.Maka ak terpaksa angkt bantal dan laptop ak dari bilik itu dan xdpt tdo sne lg.Ok then hanis show pic yg die amik kt sne.Seriusly die kte Liyana Jasmay n Farid kamil kinda berlagak la.Ceh tgk muke pun dh tau..

Ad la beberapa pic mcm amik dgn menteri pelancongan etc...Ad amik dgn lisa fahrin dan org yg ak xtau nme tp die blakon dlm cte merah putih (pedulik la ak org 2, bajet hensem la)
sampai sini dlu , dh la mengarut blog ni . Awl2 tulis pasal uitm tutup ,...Ok maybe hanis ak upload pic2 tersebut.

p/s: die pkai laptop toshiba la fazly.bangga x?tp dh simpan kt rmh hahaha

Saturday, August 08, 2009

There's been a death in the opposite house

BY LiPasz

So i'm typing this while lying on Hanis's bed..Haahaa kan die xd g Sabah.Mse ni la ambil kesempatan nk tdo bilik ni.Hanis esok balik la lmbt sket..Cewah..Hurm korg tau x pe kes y tbaru kt UiTM kampus segamat ni?There's been a death here? cewah tajuk xmau plak mcm Poem form4 dlu..Actually ini y menyebabkan saya rasa takut mah keluar (padahal ke kelas masih x pkai mask y disediakan oleh MPP)..Ok2 stat next week i will pkai. Kecoh ble semalam (mlm la) one of our senior in Bachelor of Accountency (part 8 wo!!) meninggal sbb Pneumonia..Sbb die suspect and +ve H1N1.Meninggal smlm and kwn2 maybe kena kuarantin.sedey la family die sbb this sem habis la.Next sem grad la..Wa2 nanges weh..Pas2 kwn2 ak ad yg kne kuarantin sbb demam n rumate die muntah byk kali.

So kepada kawan2 tersayang, jge diri baik2 ok?Kalu demam ke rse sakit lesu bagai sila mkn ubt dan pergi penawar.Xnak lg kte kurang pelajar UiTM..

p/s: takziah kepada keluarga akak 2.Al - Fatihah

Monday, August 03, 2009

Fast Typing

BY LiPasz

Jumpa kt blog Rara..cewah

38 perkataan


The Bloody Bus

BY LiPasz

So what if aku baru nk balik harini?Semalam sakit pertut cirit - birit yang teramat..Hurm maaf kepada sesiapa yang sedang menjamah makan..cewah ad ke org makan sambil bce blog ni?Ok ceriat ini bermula apabila saya bangun pagi solat subuh and then kemas2 barang nk balik..(angah kte nk balik sekali tp die telah pergi ke klinik kerana x sihat, maka azie adik sy y ke5 tlah di ajak teman)(kalu ak balik dgn ko mesti ak smpai lmbt gler)

Ok siap2 tggu bus depan klinik y angah pergi bersama azila..Tunggu kejap pas2 bus pun smpai..Tggu bus kul 9 smpai kt bus station kul 10pg..Lagi sket la nk kul 10..Ak tgk bus mayang sari y nk bw ak g Muar dh ad tp ak try gak nk tgk ad ke x bus express..(ceh hine kaunter pun ak xjmpe)...then ak naik bus bayar tambang n then terperasan "Shit td botol air putih ak y tjatuh dr bus, benci ar haus ni"..

Ok smpai je kt dlm bus g muar ak duk smpai kt Bus Station Muar..Aiseh dh kul 12.25 ni..Pas2 bus 2 pn gerak (dari bp ke muar xd la rmai org) Ok pas2 bus 2 pn gerak smapi kt bus station segamat 1.25 (hello pesal ak xsuruh die stop kt lorong nk msk uitm 2)..

Tggu bus kuning gerak umpama tggu kucing bertanduk..Sengal tahap anjing tau x?Bley x ak naik bus kuning 2 kul 1.35ptg tp gerak kul 3?Nk tggu acik 2 mkn lg la minum air teh susu la dan y plg suwei skali dak part bwh la siap bley g mkn lg..Hello kteorg tggu ko ni ok?Pas2 die siap g amik dak2 kt bandar..Benci2...pas2 siap nk g isi minyak lg..Tyme2 cmni la die bru nk isi minyak..hadoi!!!

Smpai je kt UiTM ak lari g kelas (barang ak tlah di angkat oleh Hajar dan As..Trima ksih daun keladi!!)..en. Bakri dh bg esemen baru..Ktenya Jum xd kelas so buat la bende alah e- book 2..

p/s:wth is e-book?xtau tanya En. Bakri

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jenis Baru Dwet RM50

BY LiPasz

Did anyone dh tgk the new dwet rm50?I xtau la ble duit 2 dikeluarkan tp baru la sbb mak bgtau yg org bank mne ntah cm heppy la mak bg dwet 2.Ak pun tau td mse deposit dwet kt akaun ain..Dwet tersebut hanya baru kuar kt bank BSN dlu..

Mengenai dwet tersebut?Hurm ak xtgk teliti sgt la..Kaler die mcm biru + ungu..Dh macam dwet SaIdina (hope xd anak2 termasukan dwet tersebut mse main Saidina)..Tp kira cantik la.Bank ad buat pembaharuan la (kang kte anti-kerajaan plak)..
Papepun keep up the good work..Yeah

Malaysia Boleh!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Unsettled Blog

BY LiPasz

Sigh*..Mmg slalu org2 tua pesan jgn slalu mngeluh tapi ni xbley di elakkankan..Gre2 my lovely cat LeeDongHae y memanjat dan berlari2 anak kucing atas my laptop gre2 nmpk bende bergerak dkt screen, he ran to it..last2 all my text that im typing juz right now can't be publish.Ni gre2 he step on my F12 and disable the cookies (biskut ke?)

Maka demikian cerita waktu kecik I berlari2 anak dgn Helmi main kejar2 dgn Hazman xdpt di baca oleh kawan2 laen ,(cewah glerr berharap korg bce..see mata ak berkace2 mcm Puss inthe boots)..Maka tiadalah cerita klasmate ak y nakal (padahal xd pun bgtau)..

Maka I rite now harus mandi kerana blum mandi lg gre2 nk siapkan blog ini..Cewah alasan xmasuk akal..Eh by the way I heard my dear frenz adik dorm masuk ad kt tv9 for hip tv..For celec lurve pe ntah

p?s:tgk la ulangan kt tv9 sabtu ni ok?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

HaPpY BiRthday DeAr Friendz...

BY LiPasz

Gambar semasa tgk perlawanan bola kt Paroi dgn clasmate..S'gor lwn N.S..kalah 4-2..

Ok let's see who's birthday is today? Omo it's my old friends since secondary school..Zuriati Azhan Zulkifli!!!Thnks God I remember her birthday and text her in the morning..Kepada Zuu, wish u all the best and always keep in touch with me and other frenz..

Sejarah perkenalan dgn Zu:

1. Classmate mse form 1 Curie dan menubuhkan grup empat sekawan kamin iaitu Aku, Nik,Yatima and Zuriati.
2. Kecoh kesah cinta dgn Zack smpai kantoi surat y diberi..Mse form 3 or 4 kot xsure(are u still contact him? I guess nit rite?)
3. Same class in form 4Al-Farabi...When 1 sit next to her..(yeke ingat2 luper la kedudukan dlm kelas)
4. same set bi dari form1 smpai form3 (set 3 dgn miss ummi)
5. Same 3rd language..Arabic

and all those memory that u gives...never forget it..And since you're getting older than me by 2months let wish you "happy birthday " and cepat2 la ad pakwe ok?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Anual Grand Meeting Kesatria Negara

BY LiPasz

Ok by the day of klas en Bakri, then my friend bgtau "Wei UiTM sgmt tutup sminggu H1N1" Pas2 kteorg pun amat cm sedey (best gak xyah trun ko!!)..PAs2 odw balik ke bilik ada budak part 1 panggil ak "kak!!",then ak pun tunggu la die smpai..sambil menuding jari kat ak (berlagak ke wei mentang2 ko tinggi sket dari ak "akak komander ke?" Ak cm bengang2 gler..dalam hati "Pesal lak tuding2 jari kt ak ni..Bajet ko bagus sgt ke?" Ak pun jawab la bengang 2 "Bukan"..Die balas " Rupe macam sme"..So wut? It's not about seniority mcm yg my frenz ckp tp ni x berbudi bahasa..Benci la ak..Maka rmai la dak part 1 yg x amik ptptn balik (sebab dorg bwat ptptn hari ahad ni)..Maka mlm tersebut half of the dewan jer yg ad..Ni pun salah jpk sbb kte sumer akt batal.Padahal juz y after 27hb batal..

Malam 2 mcm biase la ucapan pengenalan , ucapan Tuan Juhari and bla bla bla...Pas2 mkn pilih wakil kelas bla bla mortem plak..

Antara isi - isi post mortem ialaH:

1. Korg x hormat senior
2. Maskum banyak buat kerja (maskum beerti komander bukan kesatria iaitu bpc jpa
band bomba)
3. smpai bulan puasa korg kne korbankan cuti sabtu ahad utk latihan jambori (wtf!!)
4. Banyak la dorg bebel..

ak dh x peduli wei ngantuk punya pasal..rse cm this sem nk dissmiss komander sbb penat..hello kalu pointer ak x naik this sem mati la ak
Dah la hari selasa n rabu kne bangun pagi (selasa solat subuh kt masjid rabu row call)*(rabu khamis jmaat trun ko ptg )(sabtu ahad latihan jambori ) Bagi korang adil ke semua 2?Ingat kteorg tentera ke hape? Ingat kteorg xd life ke?Pikir la sket!!Kte ble xcuse kalu btul important..Shal la korg..

p/s: Maybe hbs tahun ni balik dari jambori ak ak bermuscle and maybe ad 6 pacs mcm Jaeboem!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

What???UiTM Segamat plak tutup smpai 2 ogos?

BY LiPasz

Tme2 kelas td tbe2 dierah bgtau "TAdi ad announcement uitm tutup h1n1 smpai 2ogos..nk balik ke? jom..

p/s:kne ganti la ni

It's okay until you do it!!

BY LiPasz

Benci gler adik bilik ak!!Boleh x ak tgh2 harmoni gembira siapkan assignment cm heppy sgt nak menyiapkan benda alah ni sambil dgr lagu..tbe2 adik bilik ak duduk bersila jarak beberapa cm dari meja ak buat air milo sambil mengadap ak.Even x mngadap pun please la jgn makan berbunyi...Makan biskut cicah milo..Hello ak dh 4hari xmkn ha..sbb dwet asyik habis byr g cc cari maklumat..benci btul..berbuka mkn x seberapa jer..aku pose ok..Bley x makan arah laen or the best is makan la kt atas meja ko sendiri..

Tbe2 pg tadi kul 7.59 Naim kol ak..Ak pandang hp "Ni naim tepon ke ak tertekan call die?" Mustahil la ak kol die..tbe2 jer dh mati..pas2 angah plak kol ak tnye ad kelas x? ak bgtau kelas 11-12 kang n ad AGM mlm ni..

Ok AGM mlm ni ak jd biro protokol, jge budak part 1 yg bloody hell (ok fazly i'm trying using the original meaning )..kne jge tertib dorg.please la jgn ad post - mortem, ak nak balik esok..

p/s: dear mom , can i have a taste of that nasi dagang that u and mak yah cook?nk gak!


BY LiPasz

Semalam pg la tdo2 tbe2 mimpi la ak kne kawen pakse wif my father tanpa kerelaan ak..Cewah dasar drama bersiri la Aida ni..Hello sila jgn perasan lg..Seterusnya dgn rasa benci2 meluat kerana faham laki 2 cm garang (alah ak bukan kenal pun that guy yg nk kawen dgn ak dlm that dream)..After that selesai la nikah tbe2 ak tjge plak..What la the dream..Hello pesal mimpi 2 still bley continue ha? Cewah mimpi itu bersambung dan memberitahu bahawa ak berkahwin dgn Mr. Ok Taeckyon..Sorry sorry sorry sorry ..hahaaha kepada Tin2 dan Tasya (eh T jugak ni) minta maaf kerana ak bermimpi sedemikian bukan pinta ku..Cewah!!Dasar playgirl..Tbe2 rse nk kawen dgn Mr. Ok 2..Haaahaaa tepuk2 tgn berikan tepukan gemuruh kerana tbe2 ak berasa nk kawen awal!!Kepada yg berminat sila hantar resume (mungkin kah ak mamai sbb buat benda alah ni pg2 buta sambil cari sal rekod)..Aida jgn perasan cantik la..Dh la xd org minat kt ak.pelis la ak nk kawen awl..Awal ke kalu kawen umur 25?Still dh tue gak..Cewah

Ok back to da Q..Aren't there is someone that is Fate 4 u since b4 u were born?Cewah saper la agaknyer y bakal berkahwin dgn aku?
Hurm adakah kamu tahu bilakah tarikh Islam kamu lahir?Ak lahir 12 RabiuAwal la!!2 bkn ke hari Keputeraan Rasulullah? Bangga!!

p/s: dah2 naik saiko ak ngantok2

Thursday, July 23, 2009

UiTM laen dah tutup...

BY LiPasz

Memang terkejut pas dengar pasal UiTM Lendu kne tutup in the previous week..But then tbe2 smlm dpt tau UiTM kampus penang dgn Seri Iskandar Perak plak di arah tutup..Pelik la cmner la bley kne H1n1?bukan our tnc bgtau jgn kuar keluar negara ke?
Ok2 pape pun t korg kne ganti kelas..hahaa

p/s:hope uitm sgmt x kne h1n1 la..daaaaaa

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Bloody Subsidi Makan..

BY LiPasz

Hello bengang tau x sal subsidi makan..Gatal2 dh bg msk akaun mkn kt dining dulu pas2 sekarang pulak dah nk bg dwet segala..Ok ak xdpt subsidi makan, so ak buat la rayuan manual, tapi yg online punya xbley nk print la.Dh la bnyk info yg salah..Benci wei..!!Miskin la ak this sem..Pasti ak asyik pose jer supaya mkn sekali je sehari..Mungkin berterusan sampai puasa..Kalu cm xbley pose mkn pun sehari jer..Benci ar xdpt nk beli mcm2 this sem..Sistem ni mnyusahkan kteorg sumer.Seriously ak nk balik minggu ni..even jum ad AGM Kesatria, esok la ak balik n balik sini isnin kot..Malas gler wei..Please hoping I still alive till the end of this semester..Shal la xbley print rayuan subsidi makan..Are this my ault?Tau plak ak tarikh tutup ble? Heloo padahal mse jumpa dgn Pegawai Pembangunan Pelajar kteorg ad AGM komander..And then kwn2 sumer bknya nk bgtau..korg SELFISH!!! Mentang2 la korg dapat subsidi..So diet2 xyah mkn langsung pun lagi bagus..Maybe ak akn jadi kurus lepas ni..

p/s: x makan bley kurus ke?bkn bley mati?hahaaa

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Feed Up!!

BY LiPasz

Seriously now I get very feedup (betul ke eja) dgn my annoying adik bilik..helo boleh x jangan set jam at 10 pm if ko nak tdo? Pas2 ko tdo mampus plak 2..bengang x kalu orag kne macam 2? Rase cm nk belasah jer budak 2..This wik mang ak bermasalah sket.2 pun gare2 gunting kesayangan ak ilang..bengang gler ak..apasal gunting ak yg tajam pernah gunting jari ak sampai berdarah (padahal kesalahan sendiri)..Seriously this wik ak nk balik kerana nk amik bju putih btn..Tapi x sure balik ari pe..ko jum pun ada..benci la wei..ak suruh mak beli broadband...amat susah tanpanya..

Pagi td kteorng semua komander kne bgun 5 pagi pi PI aka Masjid pas2 joging..ak xd maknenya joging..jalan shortcut sudah..ak dh la x mn pape dr pagi..puasa...

Hope semua berjalan lancar kerana esement en Al Bakri y lagu2 semua belum buat lagi..jom cari gambar!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ceritakan Segalanya.....Fazly Sila bce..

BY LiPasz

First jer entry nk mencarut.."Bladi Heel la u dak part 1.." Benci n saket hati gler dgn dorg..mngadu sal Komander tyme mpp bersama mahasiswa..benci la dorang ni..benci amat..Sengal la mereka.Amat geram.Seterusnya cte yg buat Fazly teruja.1st reason hepi.. ."Wei Fazly Aku baik dgn Hanis Zalikah La!!" Siyes blagak..yay yay..sila lompat lompat tepuk tepuk tangan riang2 raya...sebab seterusnya adalah clap3 hanis juga libra seperti ku..suke sgt jmpe org lahir bulan oktober..yay die lahir 9 okt..sme dgn Nik Wajihah kawan ku..cewah..

Seterusnya pagi td jumpe org y ak minat..clap5 byk pesal adik ak kenal die*? sigh* (padahal adik ak itu lelaki jeles nk watpe?*..pas2 dh sedey la pasal clasmate..sedey seh..esement siapkan..mari3...kte g arkib negara

Seterusnay Selamat Israk mikraj.."pehal johor x amik ha?"..benci2 la..tbe sedey x niat puasa dan terus makan..


p/s:dengar konsert SSII cm best..donghae nyanyi lagi solo...lagu compose sendiri..yaya

Induksi lagi

BY LiPasz

Pehal ha?Sudah sudah la kteorg kne trun ko rabu khamis jumaat.Cam pe je!!!Bengang dgn pegawai ko yang baru..Imnduksi semalam la..Dari kul 7 pagi sampai ptg..tapi ak dh nk kawad cam semput plaak (cm trick je xnak kawad)...hahaha..teruk la dorg kne..xtau la ak cz ak g hospital..seyis bosan seh..DR kte ak xsaket..mmg la kejap2 je..Yang xpaham 2 every sem nk ad induksi..dorg kne rendam dlm lumpur ke ha?busuk2!!!pas2 kecoh2 ak x join induksi..Kte buat induksi 4 rabu la..tingkatkan stamina komander..hell la wei..nx sem komander sure ramai..penat plak..ok siyes diam dan berfikir..benci2 komnader senior..ahaahaa next sem ak senior..mati junior semua segala..saper suruh korg nk jadi komander...daaa..

p/s: ak nk balik la this wik..track suit ad 2 helai jer..seyis sedey

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


BY LiPasz

Seronok sebenarnya jika berpuasa kemudian berbuka bersama2 kawan..Mcm hari ni dan semalam ak berpuasa dan berbuka bersama tin2..Padahal x terlintas pun nk berpuasa tp ok la puasa rejab ni..Rse teringat masa2 berpuasa zaman sekolah dulu.Seronok sangat kalu berbuka.Kalu masa puasa getir la jawabnya..

p/s: puasa rejab banyak kelebihannya.

Mati vs Hidup

BY LiPasz

Kita x tahu smpai bila kita hidup.Setiap manusia terutamanya yg beragama Islam akan mendoakan dirinya dan ahli keluarga yang lain supaya panjang umur terutamanya apabila hari kelahiran mereka..Tapi seharusnya kita sedar, ajal dan maut telah Allah tentukan sejak kita lahir lagi.Justeru semakin bertambah umur kita dari sehar ke sehari maka semakin dekatlah kita dengan kematian.Mengingati mati itu wajib, supaya kita tidak lupa.Mati merupakan permulaan bagi yang hidup kerana hidup sekarang tidak bermakna kerana mati itu lah kehidupan yg abadi dan akan berterusan.

Hanya yang mampu memanjangkan umur adalah harta dan ilmu.Harta yang disedekahkan dan ilmu yang diperturun kan kepada org lain, pahala tersebut akan sampai pada mereka yang tlah meninggal dunia.

Renung - renungkan ..

Monday, July 13, 2009

Shut The Sucker Up!!!

BY LiPasz

Adoi benci2 cz password yahoo ak kne cm org dh tau la...Suck gler tau x!Tp pesal En Albakri nk gne facebook plak..adoi..
Skang duk seberk dgn sumer komander2 kt zamrud..


Saturday, June 06, 2009

Happy Wedding Day Nana..

BY LiPasz
Tepat kul 2lby kami smpai di rumah Che Mahazan stlah bersusah payah cari jln dan tsesat..Punyalah rmai peminat dan artis cm Fafau dan PakNil..Krew2 Astro dan Era..

Balik tgk Hp kt kedai hp Uncle..LG Icecream stil mahal lg la..Pas2 g hantar barang angah ..ow ko ambik beskal hadiah UPSR ak siap modified lg..Geram ak..htr brg die nk Diner penutupan Kem Sri Ledang mlm ni..

Pas2 singgah pulau penarik ambik buah siap singgah rmh Busu Pit (rmh Atuk sedara ak)..Bengang meletus sbb mls gler g rmh org..

Pas2 smpai kt The summmit g bli aiskrim b4 that jln2.Smpai rmh kul 8.45mlm mandi dan marathon solat isya maghrib asar n zohor...

p/s:Kak nana Selamat Pengantin Baru..Hingga akhir hayat..cewah..

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