Thursday, November 26, 2009

You're Beautiful

BY LiPasz

Actually I can.t stop thinking about this drama..Since I heard about this story, and mostly anticipated about Jang Geun Suk new drama, I tried to find more about it.Bit desperately only can watch it now..Messing with class and wut so ever thing to be complete and exam...Finally, thanks GOD the drama did not end yet..Hahaha.. When I start watching this drama, I can't stop and wanna watch until the end..

Even rite now I feel kinda sad becoz there is no eng sub for ep 15..Sob3..But tonight is the last ep rite?Should think what is the end..

Wanna write some summary for the drama..The group A.N JELL wanna help Hwang Taek Kyung that have a problem with his voice and their President choose Go Mi Nam to be the new member of the group..The other member, Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki)..Kang Shi woo (Jung yong hwa..??)..ok with it but Hwang Taek Kyung fell bad..But on that time the real Go Mi Nam were at overseas because of bad plastic surgery..And his identical twin (go mi nyu aka Park Shin Hye) take the role as GMN..Many things happen as HTK is the firts group member know that GMN is a girl..

Ok2 tired already for write the summary..While it still aired, people enjoy the show ok?

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tediously said...

cite ape ni aida ko tgk? menymph gileerrrrrrrrrrrrr ah semua2 tu hahaha


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