Monday, December 30, 2013

End of 2013 - recap

What happen to me for the past 12 months?

Jan - Exam2
Feb - 3p UiTM, result , hbs blaja, mom's leg patah.
Mac - Duk rmh je
April - Help mom recovering
Mei - Convocation
Jun - Mom's birthday
July - Entah? Take care of Hani at Melaka, going to the interview at UiTM Shah Alam
August - Nor's birthday , org uitm nk sijil (copy)
September - Hurm? malas g uitm
Oktober - Pie's wedd at KB, my birthday with sting at pindah bp, apply for ukm master
Nov - hurm?get's lots of cats...going to schoolmates wedd (aut n zaza)
Dec - The case of unreceived parcel / a week at tangkak, paie's engaged

2014- sure pindah!!
Hurm and need a lot vitamin cmni..
Well nak msk UKM ni!!


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