Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An AdViCe FrOM me To Mr. Ok


Fine....finally He (not real name) shut his cyworld due to the leaked of his old photo...If I were him, I will quickly deleted all my old bad picture of me (thanks God I don't have one since I'm a perfect beauty..shut up!!)
As for me, if you're a celebrity, you should avoid thiss small thing such as your ugly picture from the past year, your message that directly hurt other and many thing that make the world the horrible thing for you to live..Well what can I say now??But for me, it's ok for him to get angry, but in my opinion he should delete all the picture because he should know how scary netizen are..I mean netizen really want to shamed you and many other bad thing that we can't imagine..Sad for him as he shut his cyworld.Ok2 lets end it here...And my opinion is, whatever horibble or ugly picture that appear from nowhere (usually from closest friend) he still handsome and go looking..

P/S: Go Go OkDaeriNim!!!

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