Thursday, December 31, 2009

Senaman Zapin di petang hari..

Ini sahabat saya, Danial..

Budak Batch 17, nme gelaran Atuk nme betul Amerul..

Kalu xsilap ak, tarian ni 29hb kowt..Ptg 2 dh kecoh2 suh komander trun..Bajet raptai la tp pehal pkai baju sukan slalu kai half u jer..Ak tgk dak2 part 1 dah berkumpul..La nk buat senaman zapin semua tu la..1 Malaysia la ktekan..Ak jmpe gak atin, n ak jeni yg malas nk menari2 bende alah yg ak xtau ni..Dari ak membodohkan diri (uik melampaunyer ayt!!) ak pun xbersenam la..Pas2 ble Atin mule ikut senaman 1Malaysia tu , maka ak pun terpaksa la join skali.enjoy jugak ar sbb nyorok belakang batch 17 (nk pulak kan belakang yg laki..enjoy seh!!)..Pas2 ad plak senaman budak2 kecik pe kebende alah ntah (skali lg saya tidak join 2tarian yg saya xtau itu)..Time 2 ak ad snap pic sket..Yg raptai lain ak xsmpt nk amik pic die..

PM2 tgh bersenam mbetulkan pinggang serta budak2 part 1 yg xberapa nk ramai..

p/s:pesal ak asyik migrain dr mlm td?Nk mati ke???Surat wasiat xbuat lg nih..Adoi!!!
Papepun semoga maju jaya kt ex pengarah uitm segamat Prof Dr. Haji Mohd Kamel Bin Haji Ibrahim..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

My cute as it get..

Sleeping in my sister laptop's beg..


Hey, I have a pet that was born on 12th May 2009..He's now about 7months right now..He's so fluffy and kinda cute..And the most thing that you should know is...He is very DongHaeish..Why I called him like it?His behaviour likely alike Lee Donghae..My cat not afraid of water especially rain..That because his name mean East Sea..And he never like to eat alone..You need to watch him eating..Love to sleep alone near drain at back of my house..He's love to get attention from other..Likes to play with my other cat whose name is Taemin and Woodong..Hehe..Cute right..And he likes to sleep with me..But the saddest thing happen when his broke his jaw without knowing the reasong..And he only had 3fangs..Sad (T_T)!!!

So he now very very a good cat..Well hope that my Donghae will alive till 3more years.. Tongue stick out..Cute..

p/s: I also had a cat named Kibum back then but die because of food poison..And he's so alike kim kibum..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An AdViCe FrOM me To Mr. Ok


Fine....finally He (not real name) shut his cyworld due to the leaked of his old photo...If I were him, I will quickly deleted all my old bad picture of me (thanks God I don't have one since I'm a perfect beauty..shut up!!)
As for me, if you're a celebrity, you should avoid thiss small thing such as your ugly picture from the past year, your message that directly hurt other and many thing that make the world the horrible thing for you to live..Well what can I say now??But for me, it's ok for him to get angry, but in my opinion he should delete all the picture because he should know how scary netizen are..I mean netizen really want to shamed you and many other bad thing that we can't imagine..Sad for him as he shut his cyworld.Ok2 lets end it here...And my opinion is, whatever horibble or ugly picture that appear from nowhere (usually from closest friend) he still handsome and go looking..

P/S: Go Go OkDaeriNim!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

JaLaN - JaLaN CaRi MaKan

Big Apple???

Pic nor , ak n Azie..
BY LiPasz

Last Sunday memang best gler.Apabila angah cakap "Ha siap .Jom tgk movie dkt Bp Mall!"..Maka kami semua pun bersiap2..Alah gerak je dgn kawasan yang penuh dan mcm traffik kt bp maka smpai pukul 5lby..Dorg nk nyanyi karaoke but aku refuse..Dh la rmai sgt lelaki, and obviously bende 2 lagha kan? So yg dpt kteorg buat, angah pergi masuk Pasific (aw dorg jual beras murah wei!) beli roti yang siap..

Pas2 dorg baru leceh2 nk g karaoke pas2 boling ak xbg sbb duit ad ke?(cewah ak cm annoying gler wei!)..Ak bgtau ak amat lapar , maka trus naik makan kt T Junction , tempat mkn kt ats BP Mall..Ak pesan mi hailam sama dgn Azi, nor mi sup but food angah kinda weird and masam..Yang macam nk kte annoying xjugak tp mcm susah sket kte mkn gne sistem tiket..Beli mknn pas2 dpt tiket, bayar pas2 g kt tmpt kte beli mknn bg tiket 2 balik baru dpt mknn..Tp kadang - kadang, lmbt jugak dpt mknn..Pas2 air plak mahal seh..

Balik tu kteorg bgtau angah "Jom beli Big Apple!"..Maka angah pun beli 6keping..Esok baru dpt makan , tu pun buat sarapan pagi..Eh kul 11pagi srapan ke?..Ok that for now..da..

Sunday, December 06, 2009


BY LiPasz

Again...Seriously suck for the person who buat my cermin mata..How come it looks like it?Ok2 baik saya perjelaskan kenapa saya marah2 ok?Ok late at 3pm sumthing, dlm keadaan hujan2 my mom pun ask 2 amik my spectacle yg buat kt Summit hari tu..Ok seriously harapan yg menggunung supaya my cermin ni better la dr yg baru..Tapi hampeh..Cermin die mmg la jelas tp yg macam sgt2 hina adalah dh la frameless, so potongan cermin bahagian atas mestilah icin, ni x gler ar cm ak lak kne kemaskan pakai kertas kasa..Benci tau x?Pas2 dah la ak punyer kedudukan hidung macam terangkat sangat2..I hate that kedai..Benci nk mampus..LEPAS NI JAGAN HARAP AK BELI KT KEDAI KO..Ak rse cm malas gler nk pakai cermin mata tu..Benci ar..

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

December Here I come..

BY LiPasz

As I read about the bad thing happen during november for korean artist, people hopes that getting into december gonna be better than nov..It's just about a month before we go into new year..New year 2010?that means I gonna be 21 nx year?wow the feel is not very good..Ha2 as I'm always depends on my family..It been decided next year I will get my driving license..

Back to the normal issue, baiklah tulis semula dlm malay..Before I type more ridiculous word in english ..Last month mcm bulan curse for 2pm..I mean not for them but for the Hottest..Don't get me wrong coz I'm also Hottest..But the most thing that make me mcm marah sket of coourse about the MAMA thing la..How could Ivy to that to my Nichkhun?Probably it just a performance but rather that that I would say that the outfit that night look very sexy..and overdose..wait!!why i'm hate this Ivy thing?not hate just a bit jelous maybe..

And not to be left about the taecyeon received a bloody notte..How scary it is if u received a letter write with a blood..but it just not an ordinary blood, it's a period blood.Yucks!!!It is the disguisting thing I ever heard..When I saw the article , I like thing about the pad that she used the blood to write the letter and I feel like throw out..Suck ok?!!It's very uncommon thing that people do to attract the attention to the person that they like..Well there are a lot of thing that they can do to support their favourite artist..Such as buying their album and go watch their concert..

Well, as for I am, december maybe a good or either bad month for me as the exam result will soon be known and hoping I will get college nx semester..I hope so..And laslty Hoping this year end better that last year..Wait2 I'm only get to enter my university until next 2nd january..Ha for the new student this november (such as SNSD Yuri and Big Bang Seung Ri) have a very good new year as a university student..Bye..

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