Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It hurts me again and agaib

BY LiPasz

Finally ramadhan is back and my stomach feel the same as the past 2years back in 2007.I'm not have any feeling to eat rice because when I open fast eating nasi and so other food, my stomach hurt a lot and the food not seem too much open my appetite (mayb rindu nk balik rmh)..But back to 2007 when i'm still a school student as a form 6 student, i only open fast drinking kacang soya..So wut now?it happen again to me.I mean it's not my attention to not eat rice for this whole fasting month.Oh God, how i will go through this? Insya Allah maybe when i arrived home there will be a delicous food served for me.BTW my sista called and said that this friday our place will have feast for berbuka puasa. Hoping that there will be something that make me hungry. Please2 make today better than yesterday..Hahaha it's almost 4 day i did't go to the masjid to pray for terawikh.What can i do? we're having a lot of assignment!!!!

p/s:hancur need talk or typing in malay..polish english skill

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Cik RaRa said...

xmkn nasi ey..
bgus betul
ley diet ar aida.huhu


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