Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Electronic Publishing cover magazine.

By Aidan Eric

Finally dah hantar..Semalam..Awal2 print sendiri pas2 beli glossy paper lg 1 (sbb terprint trial)..Terbang rm6 ak..Ini lah dia..(dah la pagi2 tu nk bukak laptop xbleh..adoi)

SNSD ni ak print sendiri tp pas2 cm pecah plak kan.So dh la xcenter ak pn terpaksa buat baru yg berresolution tinggi..

Big Bang ni back cover die..

Ni la pic abg kesayangan ak..Penat ak edit2 (padahal edit kai photoshop edit tulisan pkai photoscape).Akhirnya cntik jugak la dari SNSD pecah2...

p/s: Cantikkah?



Last time take picture with him

2 years ago.

Pass two day (on Monday)

See him again n take picture again

Seems like he knew me..

So happy feel like crying (T_T) and blushing (*-8)..hoho

But still the felling at my face..I stand like a ladder same as the 1st time

Cannot smile to brightly...

Hahaha all day happy!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

What SJ is doing during plane-rides..

Hae keeps play XiaoBai and he even gave XiaoBai (the name of the camera Chinese ELFs gave Donghae) a knitted Black colored protection cover. Hae’s keeps asking his manager to give him the computer to see what he filmed in Malaysia. After that, he keeps playing happily with his manager computer game…

Before the plane declined, the air-hostess asked him to off his computer. He pretended to off and close the cover. when the air-hostess left, he immediately open the computer and continue playing. He pretend to close it again when then air-hostess come back and continue playing when she left. hahaha. He is so happy and enjoying himself. Very cute


1. He put his legs on the top of Eunhyuk’s seat in front of him when he is sleeping. As a result, Eunhyuk cannot adjust his seat down when he wants to sleep
2. After he is tired after playing, he asked his manager to help him massage. He looked like he enjoyed himself alot
3. Yesung asked Donghae to lend him Xiaobai. Therefore, our generous Donghae insisted on NOT LENDING~
4. Donghae drank a few sips of his fruit juice, and DEMANDED Henry to drink the rest.


1. Yesung spoilt one button of Eunhyuk’s. Because Eunhyuk was asleep, Yesung “Oh~” and he secretly put the button back to where it belonged.

2. Yesung keeps reading a basketball magazine, Kyuhyun was watching movie, Eunhyuk keeps staring into the pitch black sky for an hour plus, (don’t understand this boy)

3. Lee Donghae keeps sneezing in the plane. Wear so little, but unwilling to put on a blanket… This is really… bad boy….

Credit to: Smiley + ElFish + Lee Donghae’s baidu bar
Translated by: minoko2440 m,rftttt8

Friday, March 19, 2010

Next Dream..


Kalu semalam ak mimpi nk beli ole2 (tbe ole2 sebab xtau betul ke x eja cenderamata dlm english maka gune ole2 yg terbaik..Hahaha)..Ad chopstick sudu cawan n macam2 lg semua picture Donghae jer..Hahaha pas2 nk beli kedai dh tutup n semua barang2 dah habis..Trus ak frust pagi2 bangun tu..

Hari ni plak, tbe2 ak mimpi dorg dkt Hotel kot Grand Millennium (btul ke ejaan?)pas2 ak nk mintak amik picture dgn (masa tu sumpah ad Donghae jer tolong lah percaya!!).Pas2 boleh xtbe2 mase ak nk amik gmbr ak pegang baby.Cm sajer jer la.Bukan kamera ak gune amik pic tp mcm ad cameraman yg amik.Pas2 mintak amik pic kteorg pkai hp ak..Dlm kul 4.29 pg kot ak terjaga sbb rumate ak ttp kipas.Mati ak xbernafas giler!!Boleh plak mimpi ak bersambung dorg nk rehearsal plak.Ad Donghae je plak tu.Org lain muke org melayu jer..Lawak2 pas2 ak dh xingat cerita nyer...

NI ad ucapan tuk dorg sket..:

동해 남편이 할 최선의 경우에도 당신과 함께 아니에요. 난 항상 여러분 모두를 지원합니다. 슈퍼 주니어 가자!

p/s: Menggunakan google translate!!Ntah betul ke tidak ni.Dah la petang ni ke Tebing Tinggi camping 3hari 2malam.Nk tgk 2D1N!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Family Day IMS


Pagi : Emo sbb pkai baju kaler kuning(padahal xd kne mngena dgn baju).Emo sgt kul 10.45 dh balik.Pagi xmain paper game pun..

Petang: Ni cm semangat sket sbb pkai baju biru plak..Seronok gak main tp pas2 hujan..Lame gak smpai kul 5ptg..Maka main bola beracun ak kalah org yg baling ak ak baling balik..Tapi kne kpale die plak..Sowi ea..Pas2 main tarik talik smpai final..Part 2 memang dasar gemok adoi..Xlarat nk kalahkan dorg..(hahaha padahal emo jer lebih dgn adik bilik ak ni)..Benci2..

p/s:SHINee datang la Segamat dekat jer dari Singapura ni!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Biro Tata Negara

Ad rupe mcm ak time sek dulu x?


Finally all of us especially for part 5 had attend Biro Tata Negara..Yeah..Freaking up when thinking there is still a stubborn student who not wore white tudung and baju kurung with black skirt..I'm wearing the one that form 6 wear..Hahaha it's ended at 1pm!!Yeah people it's end really early but I get a lot of information.Hehehe only get to used rm2.00 to eat because there is no lunch..Hoho..

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

KRU ....Hebat


I'm listening to KRU Apa Saja..Loves KRU cause I listen to their song since I was a little kid..Sooo many of their songs catch my attention..And now I'm downloading a bunch of their song..But I used to have their cassette..Hey there's no one these days use cassette anyway!!The song I donwload is..

1.Impak Maksima
2.Silat Lagenda
4.Getaran Jiwa
5.Oh La La
7.Apa Saja
9.Jika Kau tiada
10.Gerenti Beres
12.Di Pintu Syurga feat Elite
13.Terhangat Di pasaran feat Adam
14.More Than Forever
15.The Way We Jam
16.Jangan Lafazkannya
17.Semuanya Ok

So i'm like still listening all this song with all Siti Nurhaliza song that I download last week..I really2 hope that one day I will meet KRU or Siti Nurhaliza..Yay!!

Saturday, March 06, 2010


Tired already..

Sit at Lecture Theater for a long hour..

Still need to recharge for tomorrow..


p/s:Let's have a good sleep this night..Zzzzz

Friday, March 05, 2010

New Entry

From now on only updated my blog like cyworld..

So jealous of them (super junior!!)

Yesterday, were trown by a bag of flour.

So tired already!!!

Today gonna go outing..

Bye bye all!!!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

How do you feel about it?

This SHINee cover is not fully finished!!But still love it!!


My EP lecturer (if you're wondering what EP stand for it stand for Electronic Publishing and we're studying something using computer to do a document and transfer it to digital source ..bla bla bla something like that)..

This that not being approved by me..But still look good.

We're asked to used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator..You know how difficult to look at your laptop screen about 2 - 3 hour without doing other thing..My eyes get irritated and after my angah taught me how to use Photshop. i can finally use it to make this magazine cover!!Yeah..

Ni for the back cover

(Thanks angah for your hardwork!!) I currently doing my magazine cover using Photoshop..Because it's very complicated before this I make it using Phoscape..But using Photoshop seem better..Okay2 let's see all my hard work and then let's choose..I'm using SHINee for the cover and 2NE1 for the back cover but suddenly change it to Big Bang!!Yeah..

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