Thursday, October 15, 2009

We're like Donghae and Eunhyuk Oppa!!

BY LiPasz

Rather than being like Xiah Junsu (whom tin2 like among DBSK member), we're like Eunhyuk and Donghae..U all know why?Firstly..

1. I know Tin2 when we entered secondary school thats mean we were like Eunhyuk and donghae that only know each other when they were about 13 years old..Rather than Xiah and Eunhyuk that were best frenz just like living at the nearest places.

2. Hahaha the socond one is we always being together..From school, I always go to Tin2's room..Hahaha same like eunhyuk and donghae whom like that..Wah2 seem that I like to go to Tin2 room until now..

3. We were at the same courses at university, eventhough I entered this university late about one semester.Just like Eunhyuk and Donghae that were in the same group.Opps I mean xiah and eunhyuk not at the same group rite?

4. I was born on October 13 and donghae oppa were born today Oct 15 meanwhile two of them, my friend Tin2 was born on 24th march and eunhyuk was born on 4th april..So we share the same zodiac..Seem that we were close becoz that chemistry..

5. Rather than being good looking, I were more funny person, good at making people laugh same as eunhyuk (nak donghae la)..but for Tin2, she can be describe as pretty...same as donghae that being called Handsome and good looking..

6. The surprise thing that I get is the personality between date you were born.My number is 5 that is Apparentice as same as Eunhyuk oppa meanwhile Tin2's personality same as donghae, they get 4 thats mean they were both an actor/actress..Good rite?

It's seem that our friendship wiil be longer than expected..Not becoz I don't want to be friend with her but the fate that gives us the longest relationship between friens..Let's hope we will never apart even after both of us graduate and married.Same goes as Eunhyuk and Donghae oppa!!Fighting..


Izo Azusa said...

i was born on 4th april!!
but there's nothing same between me and eunhyuk oppa..

Aida EriC said...

huh?maybe not anyone can be same with someother person ok?

Fatin Nazira Haji Jaffry said...

yeh..donghae & eunhyuk..lawak..spttnyer eunhyuk & leetuk..huhuhu


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