Saturday, December 26, 2009

My cute as it get..

Sleeping in my sister laptop's beg..


Hey, I have a pet that was born on 12th May 2009..He's now about 7months right now..He's so fluffy and kinda cute..And the most thing that you should know is...He is very DongHaeish..Why I called him like it?His behaviour likely alike Lee Donghae..My cat not afraid of water especially rain..That because his name mean East Sea..And he never like to eat alone..You need to watch him eating..Love to sleep alone near drain at back of my house..He's love to get attention from other..Likes to play with my other cat whose name is Taemin and Woodong..Hehe..Cute right..And he likes to sleep with me..But the saddest thing happen when his broke his jaw without knowing the reasong..And he only had 3fangs..Sad (T_T)!!!

So he now very very a good cat..Well hope that my Donghae will alive till 3more years.. Tongue stick out..Cute..

p/s: I also had a cat named Kibum back then but die because of food poison..And he's so alike kim kibum..

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