Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Good Old days

Ini gambar semasa kawad kaki polis daerah kot..Menabg johan wei.tibai sape punyer ntah..

BY LiPasz

Tadi di hantar by my dad and also my mom and my last sister.Arrived actually at nearly 5.30 kot..who cares??Actually my 5th sister nk ikut cz it's her last day to play a lot since she will have SPM this year..Ala unfortunately my dad is using my angah car that she bought and have it on thursday..Ala kancil je kot.So after send my along at BP bustation, then it's my turn to be hantar to uitm segamat.I'm hate to ride this car cause it's small and I can't meregangkan my kaki..n also my pinggang sakit la sebab xd penyokong kepala n the back seat kinda short..hahaha..finally when arrived here, asking money from my mother...(i'm used to asked my mom money in old days when I still a secondary student so how I gonna stop?)

Then finish unpack my thing...then i remember during my way back to uitm, when I started to live at hostel back when I gets 5A's in my UPSRR examinatin, i'm kinda freak as i'm heard a lot about things happened there..Wei it's ridiculous if there's nothing happened at those school yang ada hostel..Kira one of the horror school I've attend la after my primary school back at port dickson..

My life in secondary school? I'm not used to be a good student as i'm always have a lower grad...Hahaha thanks God i'm finnaly here as looking at my result every year..Kinda freak rite? Well eventhought i'm not very good during school time, i'm always received a LOT OF you know what it's mean?Only people who school with me or the person who LOVE ME SO MUCH will know what they have done to me..So to no freak everyone, lets abandon that topic..hahaha

Finally, my attitude during secondary student looks like i'm very humble with teacher..yeah well dont ask more..hahaha..ha opss before I forget the hillarious thing that happen to me, let me tell u this, there is a case that one of the student like me..freaking!!!damn2..actually he also heard that i'm secretly admirer him..what is that?

Ok before good girl gone bad let me wish all the readers..
Selamat Berpuasa Enam..Wasalam
p/s:patut dah publish semalam tp ad error rini baru dapat publish 10.20am 28 sept 09

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