Wednesday, June 15, 2016

my fave korean drama

as i mention before, i had some problem with my shift button. so bear it if there is something needs to be in capslock or any character that use shift are not properly displayed...
korean drama has tones of fans..the latest drama that got tones of fans worldwide is the descendents of the sun..ok i admit it. the drama is so nicely done.the setting plot and whatso over.
i watch the drama and it kinda of good...i think because there is a rare chance that writer and producer in korea make drama based on military..but this is quite nice..
back to my fave korean drama is none othen than secret garden..
why i said so..even though the plot of the drama is kind of messy as if the change of one soul is not weird, the setting of its is already messy.
it takes me lots of time rewatch the drama to know the main point and the act of kim joowon before realize that he became so arrogant because of his mom.
well other than that, yoon seul is kinda funny character.she hates oska but she loves him..
its kinda of psychotic people..
okay thats all..bye

Selamat Berpuasa

Yay syukur Alhamdulillah..Ramadan datang lagi.....
sebenarnya ak beria - ia sungguh nak taip macam-macam kalu nak buka blog ni.
tp bila dah buka ak lupa nk tulis apa..
actually raya tahun ni ak janji this is the last raya as penganggur..
doa2 la semoga next year dah keje.
lepas konvo ni ak harap senang je dapat keje..
ha perasan sungguh...
okaylah..nanti ak dah ingat nak taip apa ak tulis draf dlu..

p/s... chips giler shift ak xbleh guna..adoiyai..dah check online pn xbleh blah..semut ke

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