Thursday, July 01, 2010

Semester Break Games - VirVillager

         During this semester break, tetibe teringat nk main Virtual Villager.I already play the 1st and 2nd punyer tapi mostly xpernah habiskan puzzle die.Actually, tetibe terpfikir plak nk cari clues and trick for that game.So, today I might showing you the trusted tricks and clues.And credit to the owner..But, just stick the hint how to solved the puzzle only but basically all the puzzle can be accomplish when you buy all the technology..Okay?

Puzzle #1 - Get a builder to clean the well. This is the village water supply. Get a villager with building skill, drag them to the well and let them fix it.

Puzzle #2 - Build a new hut. Population is maxed out at 7 until you build a new hut. A villager trained in building is required to build new huts.

Puzzle #3 - Clean up the beach debris. You need to clean up the debris so the villagers can fish. Drag a villager to the debris and it will start cleaning.

Puzzle #4 - Starting a village school. You need a master scientist. Drag them to the long building north of the reasearch table to start a school.

Puzzle #5 - Remove the blockage of the creek in the northwest corner of the village. Villagers need level 2 in construction to work on this. Drag a villager to the rock pile blocking the water flow from the creek. When the blockage is cleared, water will flow to the lagoon. This puzzle is the key to solving three more puzzles.

Puzzle #6 - You need to complete puzzle #5 first and have a villager with level 3 harvesting. Take a master farmer to the lagoon and they will start hunting fish. This may take awhile.

Puzzle #7 - Discover the graveyard (requires Level 2 of Spirituality). When a villagers dies, drag an adult villager to the northeast corner of the island. The villagers will provide a proper burial the pile of bones in village center. After this first burial, villagers will automatically have burial ceremonies for any deceased villager.

Puzzle #8 - Discover the medicinal properties of 4 plants. One plant is the cactus near the boulder, one plant is near the lagoon, two are on the east side of the island. Drag a villager to each plant until all four are mastered.

Puzzle #9 - You need to complete puzzle #5 first. Drag a villager to the field on the east side of the island (where the dead flowers are). They will water the field with water from the lagoon. Make sure to use a villager with building skill so that the watering continues until the flowers bloom.

Puzzle #10 - Solve puzzle #14 first. Wait for the butterflies to follow the golden child, then drag the golden child to the strange plant north of the berry bush where the butterflies will pollinate the plant.

Puzzle #11 - Restore the temple at the ruins (requires Level 3 of Construction). Drag a villager to the ruins in the southeast of the island and they will begin restoring the ruins.

Puzzle #12 - Requires puzzle #11 complete and Level 3 Spirituality. Drag a builder to the shiny rock on the west side of the village and they will chisel the rock to create an idol.

Puzzle #13 - the birth of the golden child (requires Level 3 of Fertility) . This requires puzzle #5, puzzle #12. Drag a nursing mom to the lagoon.

Puzzle #14 - Requires puzzle #13. Drag the golden child to the magic flower garden and wait for the butterflies.

Puzzle #15 - Buried treasure (requires Level 3 of Construction and Level 3 of Science). Search the sandy areas on the south part of the island between the food bin and the temple.

Puzzle #16 - Moving the boulder (requires the golden child). This one just happens on its own when the golden child is ready, you can't force it.
p/s:Golden Child automatically will get if fertility fully researched.And then his will always 5 years old..Bosan giler game ni.Let's move on to Virtual Families even if it also bosan.Or chocolateirs..Credit pic of the owner.

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