Wednesday, May 05, 2010

U-kiss Vampire.

                                                  Did anyone ever know that their blood type is happen to effect their lifestyle?
By watching U-kiss new variety show,Vampire!!! they show us how different blood type effect their lifestyle, how they react if something gappen.
In U-kiss, there is on 3types of blood . A type is Sooyeon and  Kiseop, B type is magnae DongHo, O is Kibum, Alexander,Eli and Kevin and there is no AB type (I wonder why maybe it's hard to find AB type that is talented except for Heechul oppa and the gang, yay AB rules!!)

 Each of them will give test on how they will react either by prank or date.I curerntly watching this on the 8th episode now  and there are having a spelling bee with the 4th grader.(as they were all not very good in Korean especially the one that being raised outside the country.
 Watch this ep 8on Youtube!! :  


TTM said...

so, what r d characteristics 4 A type blood?

AidaN EriC said...

A type?They are very calm, charming and caring.That's all I remember.But type A very compitable with me..Hehe


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