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Q:.Who is MBLAQ leader
A:.Yang Seung Ho 16 Oct 1987 ( ha skali dgn besday ko)

Q:.Under what company they in?
A:. J- Tune under Rain

Q:. Who is the member that have a famous siblings?
A:. Thunder aka Chundeong (Sandara Park youngest brother) Mir ( Go Eun Ah youngest brother)

Q:. What is their debut song?
A:. Oh yeah!

 Q:. Super Junior leader real name?
A:. Park JungSoo

Q:. Who is the last member to get in Super Junior?
A:. Cho Kyuhyun

Q:. Which member is active as an actor?
A:. Siwon, Heechul, Kibum.

Q:. What is the name of the radio segment that two member of Super Junior Eeteuk and Eunhyuk were in as a DJ?
A:. Super Junior Kiss The Radio (SUKIRA)

Q:. Under what company they debuted?
A:. SM Entertainment and still going.

Q: What is Sungmin and Heechul cat's name?(rite now)
A:. Sungmin cat : Hyaku and Sen Heechul: Heebum and BangShin


Q:. Under what company they were in?
A:. JYP with Wonder Girls!!Yeah

Q:. Which 2PM member is currently being an MC in broadcast station for music show?
A:. Taecyeon and Wooyoung (SBS Inkigayo MC with f(x) Sullli

Q:. Who are the foreigner in 2PM:
A:. Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul from Thailand (sawadikap!!)

Q:. Which OneDay member is currently pursue their carreer as an actor?
A:. Ok Taecyeon (supporting role in Cinderella Sister) Im SeulOng (supporting role in Personal Taste)
      e: Chansung (7th Gade Civil Servant)
Q:.Who is 2AM leader?
A:. Jo Kwon (kkap!! yaeh)

Q:. When is SHINee debuted?
A:. 25 May 2008 "Nunan Neomu Yeppeo (Replay)" ("누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)"

Q:. Who is SHINee fans called?
 A:. SHINee world?! (if I'm not mistaken) Shawol

Q:. Who is SHINee leader?
A:. Onew (real name Lee Jinki)(14 Dec 1989)

Q:. Who is SHINee magnae?
A:. Lee Taemin  (18 July 1993)

Q:. Who is the name of baby that they were raising on Hello Baby Season 2?
A:. Jung Yoogeun


Q:. Who is U-Kiss leader?
A:. Are they have a leader?I think maybe Kibum because he seem like taking all the responsibility as a leader especially when they have an interview.

Q:. What is their debuted song?
A:. Not young

Q:. The name of their new member.
A:. Kiseop

Q:. The Magnae in this group DongHo is have been on what tv programme?
A:. Idol Magnae Rebellion (MakBanShi alongside 2AM Jinwoon, FT Island  SeungHyun, Mighthy Mouth Shorry, MBLAQ Mir)

Q:. Who is a foreigner in Ukiss?
A:. Alexander, Eli, and Kevil

Q:. What show that all UKISS member were all in?
A:. U-Kiss Vampire!!Yeah..

Q: Latest about Ukiss?
A: Kibum and Xander forced to leave Ukiss and later 2013 before they make new album, Dongho left the group due to health reason..with the adding of AJ and Hoon after Kibum and Xander left the group

Q: Xander latest activity?
A: Chinese based or Taiwanese Movie, 3 peas in a pod


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