Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Uri Park Dong Ju - Noh Min Woo!!

During Trax time

     Name : Noh Min Woo
     Stage Name: Rose(sevelt)
     Group : Ex Trax
     Birthday : 29 May 1986
     Height : 183 cm
     Weight : 60kg..

Source : Wikipedia

      Yeszzz...Finally I've something to share with you all's..Since yesterday, the salesman/girl of Linguaphone asked me 'bout my english, just then my level of confident boost up..Feeling like typing in English..Ha3 ..
Yes this is the person who playing drum like crazy behind all of his member.Consist of X-Mas (I got a big quarreling with my frenz about his name since it pronounce Christmas rite..ok forget it) Rose, Attack and Typhoon.Thanks again to wikipedia (not the leak ones) their name stand of Typhoon f  the Rose Attack on X-mas..Wow nice name you all!!
      BTW, the first time I know about Trax when they perform with TVXQ for their Triangle song..MinWo goes white and playing drum like crazy at the back..Then I recognize him as Park Dong Ju in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.He's such a handsome man!Then watching Pasta , the delicious drama.At first, I really though that the person with the long hair is Par Ga Hee cameo in the drama, but that is no story about Gahee starred or cameo in the drama.Then, I realized, Its Noh Min Woo!!

You can see the resemblance here or watch Pasta! 
   He also starred in T-ara Yayaya MV as the boy who tied by T-ara.At that time, he looks like Hyun Bin from the Secreet Garden (I just know that he and Hyegyo already breakup, is it true?) It maybe Hyun Bin who looks like him bcoz he got thinner then his presence before..or maybe bcoz they got the same haircut??

A little resemblance 

p/s: For More Information , check their wikipedia yourselves okay

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