Saturday, March 27, 2010

What SJ is doing during plane-rides..

Hae keeps play XiaoBai and he even gave XiaoBai (the name of the camera Chinese ELFs gave Donghae) a knitted Black colored protection cover. Hae’s keeps asking his manager to give him the computer to see what he filmed in Malaysia. After that, he keeps playing happily with his manager computer game…

Before the plane declined, the air-hostess asked him to off his computer. He pretended to off and close the cover. when the air-hostess left, he immediately open the computer and continue playing. He pretend to close it again when then air-hostess come back and continue playing when she left. hahaha. He is so happy and enjoying himself. Very cute


1. He put his legs on the top of Eunhyuk’s seat in front of him when he is sleeping. As a result, Eunhyuk cannot adjust his seat down when he wants to sleep
2. After he is tired after playing, he asked his manager to help him massage. He looked like he enjoyed himself alot
3. Yesung asked Donghae to lend him Xiaobai. Therefore, our generous Donghae insisted on NOT LENDING~
4. Donghae drank a few sips of his fruit juice, and DEMANDED Henry to drink the rest.


1. Yesung spoilt one button of Eunhyuk’s. Because Eunhyuk was asleep, Yesung “Oh~” and he secretly put the button back to where it belonged.

2. Yesung keeps reading a basketball magazine, Kyuhyun was watching movie, Eunhyuk keeps staring into the pitch black sky for an hour plus, (don’t understand this boy)

3. Lee Donghae keeps sneezing in the plane. Wear so little, but unwilling to put on a blanket… This is really… bad boy….

Credit to: Smiley + ElFish + Lee Donghae’s baidu bar
Translated by: minoko2440 m,rftttt8

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