Wednesday, March 03, 2010

How do you feel about it?

This SHINee cover is not fully finished!!But still love it!!


My EP lecturer (if you're wondering what EP stand for it stand for Electronic Publishing and we're studying something using computer to do a document and transfer it to digital source ..bla bla bla something like that)..

This that not being approved by me..But still look good.

We're asked to used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator..You know how difficult to look at your laptop screen about 2 - 3 hour without doing other thing..My eyes get irritated and after my angah taught me how to use Photshop. i can finally use it to make this magazine cover!!Yeah..

Ni for the back cover

(Thanks angah for your hardwork!!) I currently doing my magazine cover using Photoshop..Because it's very complicated before this I make it using Phoscape..But using Photoshop seem better..Okay2 let's see all my hard work and then let's choose..I'm using SHINee for the cover and 2NE1 for the back cover but suddenly change it to Big Bang!!Yeah..

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