Saturday, January 23, 2010

Too Much Korean for today!!


Seriously for today, I just download a bunch of mp3 from a site..Don't know if it's a legal or illegal site..Ok whatsoever..Back to the song that I just download.(eventhough I own some of these mp3 mv)..I download g.o.d to my mother..I hear this song on EHB on the episode when they need to cry and then Yesung asked for this song but when he hear about jajangmyun, he stop the saddest part and thinking about jajangmyun..How funny is that!!And also Kim Tae Woo love rain..Sweet voice!!

Next song, I download the Adam/Petite couple song.Both the mv and the mp3..Oh I like *addicted* to this song..So cutte.Hope someone will make a song just for me..Love how they express their loves through this song..Good Job for Kpopsub for make a genius and good fanmade mv..

Then,the AM new song, (waiting for this mv for when the first teaser out!!).Even If I die., I can't send you away...So sweet song!!Love the music video..Love all of it.Love changmin new glasses and hairstyle..Love Jinwoon new hair color (eventhough he really suit black color)..And Jo Kwon and Seul Ong emotion on this MV.

And the PM sibling song, Tik Tok..Interesting song but I don't think I can watch the MV *jealous*..How come Taecyeon n Nichkhun is there??So I tried to watch the making o..Hehehe..

Then, I download the T-ara Bo Beep and TTL with SuperNova..Good but I don't have any feeling about this song..
And the last song is from CN Blue I'm a Loner..Laltely I heard about netizen says that this some similar with Ynot song..Better solve this thing faster..Hope this song could gain much interest..Ho3..Adios..

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