Saturday, January 09, 2010

Girls In Tears.


I'm currently reading Girls In Tears by Jacqueline Wilson, Winner of The Children Book of The Year 2002..Wow!!This book is about a 14th years old Ellie and her bestfriend, Magda and Nadine and the reasons behind their cry.It contain about seventeen chapter..This is the name of each chapter:

1.Girls cry when they're happy
2.Girls cry when their friends say mean things.
3.Girls cry when their pets die.
4.Girls cry when they hate the way they look.
5.Girls cry when people copy their ideas.
6.Girls cry when things go wrong at home.
7.Girls cry when their friends have secrets.
8.Girls cry when their friends say they're fat.
9.Girls cry when their quarrel with their friends.
10.Girls cry when their boyfriends don't understand.
11.Girls cry when their dream come true.
12.Girls cry when their boyfriends betray them.
13.Girls cry when their heart are breaking, breaking , breaking.
14.Girls cry when they're lonely.
15.Girls cry when they're wake up and remember.
16.Girls cry when they're sorry.
17.Girls cry when everything ends happily ever after..

I gonna finish it..Now I at chapter 11..Can't wait to finish!!

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