Friday, October 19, 2012

That Dream...again..

Remember I've write about the dream about being forced to marry Ok Taecyeon?Eh I remember write that dream in this blog..

Last night, after early sleep I dream again....

About marrying someone..

The story begin like this.

I've henna my three last finger..

Then, at the place with all my family members gather at the place.
Seeing my dad holds hand with someone familiar look in a baju melayu suit..

Eh, my MinBong oppa (ceh oppa ko ke aida?)

"Aku nikahkan dikau dengan anakku Nur Aida Ariffin dgn mas kahwinnya RM50 tunai," my dad's voice cuak2 adakah oppa pandai ckp BM?

yg 1st cm silap.Call me Aidan kot kalau x silap..

2nd try..

"Aku terima nikahnya Nur Aida Ariffin dgn mas kahwinnya rm50 tunai," alhamdullilah..

Yang merepeknya before that ad cm activities, ak kena pkai bju Min Bong oppa.Tapi ketat giler kt bahu..
Eh merepek giler mimpi itu.Syuh3 xyah nak merepek sgt.

Tp sila jgn nk mimpi sweet sgt.

Sebenarnya aku pun xingat yg lain2 aspect in that dream.Just sort of the dream.
Panjang kot that dream tu.

Ha3 but actually after thinking back about that dream, shouldn't there be Shinhwa member during MinWoo oppa special day?

Wonder where are they?

Annyonghaseyo oppa ~~
Annyong aida-sshi~~

At the end, should I just think that I already married to MinBong oppa?yes3..

p/s: Esok balik...Yo!

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