Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Aidan LEE Eric

Yes u heard it true!!Today at 7am, i've turn 23.Omaigod already 23 years old. Eh please be grateful okay.
Already ha to Allah especially.And not forget my mom and my dad.

My housemate who cooked nasi ayam..

Wait ha 2moro i'll cook mee bandung okay..

Kurang notification kt FB sbb ak hide besday sendiri.

Hari yg sgt sejuk.Fuh3

Next week balik..Annyong..

p/s : Last night dream got some <33 cis3="cis3" dh="dh" die="die" from="from" ish="ish" kt="kt" la="la" sgt="sgt" someone="someone" span="span" xske="xske">

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