Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shinhwa Confession from me.

I read some of the confession to Shinhwa at this tumblr here .
How about we do our own confession before put up at that site?

1. I love all members in Shinhwa until I can't decide who is the 1st and least fav member in Shinhwa cause they always showing us the good bond between 6 of them.
2. Leader; one job that Eric Mun Jung Hyuk can do the best.Taking care of other 5 different personality of members is rather difficult with different types of blood types. Still they never seem to be separated till now.
3. Cool guy in Shinhwa Lee Min Woo. Always thinking something and make funny thing to be played and entertain members. Love hanging around woman n girls.
4. Witty guy Kim Dong Wan. His wittiness always make me smile.Cutting guy that always seem to like mirror more than other members. Doing his fullest dancing and also eating.
5. Nothing can describe him.Little Prince Jung Pil Gyo aka Shin Hye Sung.Voice made from heaven.Love to eat and music as his passion. An water and oil with Eric.
6. Rocket S Manhwa Park Choong Jae aka Jun Jin.Even he himself have something hard to endure, he still doing something funny to entertain members same like Minwoo.When he smile, all the sadness dissapear.
7. Shy guy Andy Lee Seon Ho. Follow and believe hyungs the best.Doing his hardest in all kind of related things in his life.

More confession?
I can remember anything now.Annyong

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