Sunday, June 10, 2012

I love u SHINHWA!!

I love Shinhwa.Even though I don't know them since the start, so I will like them till the end..When did I know them??Watching We Got Married season 1, the Andy and Solbi couple make me know Shinhwa.There is a footage of their group having their final concert before listing in Military service.But after that the 2nd season of We Got Married include Junjin And Siyoung as a couple..he3 They absent from the industry for about 4 years. All of them excluding Hyesung goes to the military..but all the information can be read here..

I enjoy watching Shinhwa Boradcast so much..It's already their 13th episode yesterday with SHINee as the guest.I mean they're so good in variety shows..Yeah..I wonder when I will meet them..

Mun Jung Hyuk
Lee Min Woo
Kim Dong Wan
Jung Pil Gyo (Hyesung)
Park Chung Jae (JunJin)
Lee Sun Ho (Andy)

Shinhwa forever!!15 years and still strong...

p/s : Shinhwa Changjo!!

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