Friday, April 15, 2011

Keep It up Loud

My Classmate - Jang Wooyoung
   Well yeah, korg nk tahu satu benda x?Since 1st semester of my diploma kan (i'm currently on my 2nd year of degree) I into writing novel about my life as a transfer student to South Korea..At first, dpt tawaran menjadi peljar pertukaran kt Universiti kt Korea..About 3months la juga. dah mcm cte Super Junior Full House plak kan..Hurm actually, semasa berada disana, kteorg di tempatkan di universiti yang berbeza.Dalam 15 pelajar dari Malaysia, ak sorg je kt Anyang kot..Ha3..Then before start pembelajaran kt South Korea, kteorg di serahkan kepada keluarga angkat..Yang paling best ialah saya menjadi anak angkat kepada keluarga Shim..Eh2 mcm kenal aje nme itu..Yes, sy menjadi adik angkat kepada Changmin TVXQ..But, I didn't realize that until they return from Japan..And my adopt parent pun xckp pape pun..Then, hbs 3 bulan, next year ak datang balik because dpt tawaran belajar dekat sane.Dlm bidang Music..Into Kyunghee University(KHU) Kyonggi University (KGU) ha3 nme univ sendiri pun tak ingat..Okay, yg paling best time 3bln kt sne for the 1st time, sy baik dgn member TVXQ n Suju.Awal2 tu dpt la sy g skating dgn mereka..Ha3 best sgt2 cerita itu..Pastu dah start kelas in KGU, sy bertemu Choi Jonghun FT ISland yg belajar Digital Music (Sound) dekat sne.And also, jeng2 my classmate Wooyoung..
My Oppa at home!- Shim Changmin
    Tapi satu benda yang it seems so weird about my 4years-to-be novel is, I keep heard that my story related and adapt with the character in my stories..Ala, tapi ada 2 aje..Ha3 the first one that made me really shocked is..

1. Wooyoung statement that he likes a transfer student in his school..Mcm tahu2 je dlm my novel, he really attracted to me but I don't really affected by him..Kejam kan aku?
My University Friend - Jonghun.
2. The latest new I got from Allkpop about Changmin's sister really likes Super Junior Siwon..OMG!!It's really makes me wanna SHOUT out loud..Yes, in this story, I always show my affection to Siwon..Wow, they really follow their character in the novel..

Amcm, best x?For your information, ada special part where I become Siwon wife..It seem crazy but fun..
The person I like - Choi Siwon
 Ha3 okay enuf with all the statement.Gonna write the novel again..Yela dh hbs kelas..Just wait for the final on 28..Carry marks pun boleh tahan gak..da..
(this is only the writer imagination.It doesn't related to any living people either related or not related)

p/s: Esok nk g Sunway Pyramid..

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