Saturday, April 30, 2011

Final Oh Final

Firstly, Happy Birthday to you..happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you Wooyoungie, happy birthday to you!!It's wooyoungie 22nd birthday..Okay..

       The problme is, i reallly lazy to study...Paper ptg ni kul 2 tp ak mls btul nk reverse pe yg dh dibelajar.Asyik tgk MBLAQ Sesame Player je..Beracun btul rancangan ni..Jadual exam..

28/4 CTU
30/4 MGT
4/5 Minor
5/5 Networking
10/5 Database..

Okay I'm officially may not going for the convocation.Alasan malas dan jauh..ha3..
28/5 ni Suju M will perform in Malaysia and it's free..Kne la g hari Belia nanti.Adoi...tapi FREE!!..Ho3..Okay bye..

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