Tuesday, February 01, 2011

G-Dragon my sweetheart

 Hahaha dh bce artikel allkpop yg baru?Pasal GD VI dgn TOP reveal their ideal type..dekat SBS’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time.”..

 "  Seungri revealed his to be a woman “that has a lot of aegyo and a bright voice” since he wants to call her often, while T.O.P revealed, “I’d like a woman that knows how to dress herself. Not only her physical appearance, but her manner of speech as well. Someone that’s respectful to adults. Ah, I hate women that swear!”
G-Dragon stated, “Someone that can cook well. I don’t know how to cook anything, so I want her to be able to teach me in areas I’m not familiar with.”
When asked whether he had anyone hit on him first, G-Dragon replied, “Honestly, really no one.”Seungri added, “There probably really wasn’t anyone. G-Dragon doesn’t hit on anyone either, he makes me do it instead.”"
Quote from Allkpop..(credit)

     Eh2 seriously betul ke buat quotation ni?Seriously, I'm not really expert doing this kind of work.Even, my assignment don't have the footnote and whatsoever things tu.But, the quotation and citation is the MUST in my assignment..Eh2 melalut plak..
      Dah nampak apa yang Kwon Ji Young tersayang tulis? He likes a girl who can cook!!Yes2 oppa that's me!!Ha3 seriously I can cook..But surely not too advanced coz I'm still in the learning period..Means sesetengah foods aje yg I able to cook deliciously. Kalu suruh masak sup ayam or daging for sure Ipandai.Sbb tu semua hanya perlu tumbuk bawang merah n halia.Betul x?Pastu tumis then baru masuk air, rempah n ayam or daging.But kalu masak kari ni, lemah sikit sbb xsure ble nk masukkan coconut milk tu..
     But I bet for sure that kalu GD makan, mintak tambah.I'm GD TYPE!!!Yeah!!!
p/s: Hepi la plak...

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