Saturday, February 27, 2010

I got a broken heart..

One Day with Jay - In memory??

Broken heart giler la ni.Ini bukan lg kumpulan 8eight.Tapi apakah daya kte semua especially Hottest..Xdapat nk melawan takdir that Jay is withdrawal from 2pm..How come it happen like that..Nk salahkan Jay pun kte xtau why he do that.But seriously people want to know what he' done during AAA promotion and then after the other member know about that , they agreed for the withdrawal..Tbe xpuas ati kalu dpt tau cte yang sebenarnya baru lega..Ntah la nk kte kesian kt Taecyeon n Junsu and also Wooyoung cause (WY n TY) were being bashing by Hottest la sebb dorang is the most active mamber rite now.Even Nichkhun pun not that active..Junsu is still recovering from his rhinitis if I'm not mistaken..I hate all of this mess..Baru jer ingat nk jemput Jay kt airport..Harapan sia - sia belaka..Hampa seh.Tolonglah...Maybe sekarang nk like Super Junior and 2AM only for these time being..

p/s: I think rmai yg keluar dari Hottest sbb sedih.Ala jgn sedih sampai meleleh air mata.Life must go on..It's not like there is no Jay u will not finished your studies...Rite??

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