Friday, March 28, 2014

End March, Hello April

April is coming soon and today is Howon's birthday!!!Yay ..On Monday is Tin2's birthday..And actually last Saturday, I'm able to repair my laptop.Hopefully I'll able to play OD MW3 on my laptop after this .If not,
I'm gonna cry a bucket..

Btw, the plane is found ended on Hindi Ocean...No one were survive..Sadly..
And boycott by the China people..that sucks...

ja...ja..algesumida..ha3 this is what Sung Si Kyung oppa love to said during his FM Music City This is Sung Si Kyung that I'm listening rite now..

Today, supposed the methodology class start at 3 but the lecturer had something to do, that the class canceled on last minute.And the next extra class just will start at 5.Most of the student just get back but I stayed...Till 7 pm people!!Yes 7 pm..

Well, there's something that happen on wed that make me happy.On tuesday I'm really craving for some domino's pizza but cannot get hold of the bus to go buy some pizza.But then, the next day our leturer ask us is it okay to have pizza after this class?Wow , it's really made my day..ha3

But actually today suppose to be the start of TT Alive at KLCC but it get cancelled due to the plane crash accident..

And this Monday, I'll go to mid to buy some necessity..Some books and mayb some foods..Hungry to death...

p/s: gonna write some fanfic story of wgm..yeah my english suck.same as you..hewhew

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