Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Loveholic and Wedding Invitation!!

Picture of KangTa and the lead female actress

WA finally dpt gak tgk cte loveholic even blum hbs lg..Kangta i lap gak la cte 2.Hampir jatuh cinta kt mamat tersebut..But actually i agak tekejut bilamana my friend said that he like Snsd (ok la 2) but Kangta and Se7en for a man? Are u blind?Xpe la ske ati die la..heheh

Yeah finally i will go to famous person wedding.Its not mcm hebat sgt the person tp actually my dad yg dpt invitation so mcm harus pergi la.My dad is ank buah Nana Af1 yg nk kawen dgn Brian 2 ( i dunno his new name cz kt kad kawen tulis Brian)..
Their wedding set to be this Saturday 6 june at their house at somewhere at muar..cewah hope i will get to go there and by chance nk g jln2 kt muar gak..So nana, happy wedding day ok??

p/s :i will upload the picture here if i can , ok?

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