Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tgh kelas BEL...

Abg2 ak n my bf....he3 (yg blakang skali rmbt pendek 2)

Bwat paraphase... Speke discovered Victoria Nyanza and was convinced that the White Nile Flowed from it.A second expedition proved him right when....alamak sir dh tuka page laen...kteorg blaja sal dh hbs?

Commonly used paraphasing techniques


-moving phrase

-changing voices

-changing part of speech

Synonyms (words with a similar meaning)

Overuse of ground water would lead to pervasive drought


Overuse of ground water would cause widespread dryness

Changing voices
The use of renewable sources could stop the destruction of the rainforest. (active voice)

(pe ni ttgl lg)..........

Changing parts of speech

The use of renwable sources could stop the destruction of the rainforest
tertinggal lg......(adoi...)

Sentence combining

Typhoon forced more than a thousand people to escape from village in the mountain......
tertinggal lg..laju tol en ikram dinzly ni...xd la....

By current scientific reckoning, our planet is 4.45 bilion years old, give or take (mira kaco ak menaip..kuang asam pny mira..)
mls la ak taip lg..muntah ak..

sal marie curie lak....

ak dlu 1 curie..hurm..

marie curei jmpe xray..baru ak ingat..


Marie curie's discoveries over just a few years amazed her professors helped her and her husband Pierre win the 1903 Nobel prize in physics, and led....ttgl lg...

Until about a decade ago, doctors knew so little about the sense of smell that patients who complained that they could no longer smell things - a condition known as a anosmia - were brushed aside

who ?

what happened to them?

(tertinggal lg)


mira cari pic toma ikuta....

pape ntah..habis..........

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