Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy Not-So New Year

Yeah ...
New year pn telah berlalu about few days pn.Nearly chineses new year btw..
Hurm I already 25 years old if taken into Islamic Calendar..
Apa yang terbaru?

Saya dah pindah..Yeah moving is good.Especially if you're moving in a town..Well said kan?
Ha i lost my cat Andy during the come a?
Andy2...cmner nk cari dia balik?

Okay and finally..jeng jeng jeng...
I will be attending Master's Degree in UKM!!!
Will start daftar on the 11th Feb..Entah ayah boleh hantar or not?
Well much more will be write here...

Before this end..
Present you with my fav vid this year...

p/s: This song is from their musical adapt from the movie "Ghost"
                                       Three Little Words

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