Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Good Morning 2013

Yeah it's back again..
Well today is my blog anniversaries..
Phew on the way to Pasar Pagi 30 dec 12

Another friends is getting married on 26th Jan.
Mcm nk g jer.

Mlm td pas mkn nasi lemak balik trus solat n tdo
X celebrate New Year pun..
Then, wake at 1.29 AM.
Doing assignment till 4 am
And then mcm org gila nk tdo pn xbleh..
Pusing2 sedar2 jam dh bunyi..
Bangun la 6.40 pg dgn rasa cm haram.

Then, tdo till 8.30 am buat kerja..
And ping..
Dah siap..
Tinggal edit2 je..

Ho3 study la wei..
Paper Jum ni 4th Jan

p/s : ak leh jadi isteri mithali g Pasar sorg2..hewhew

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