Friday, June 24, 2011

A small post.

   Okay, after get my 1st sem result, that is not really and so not really happy with it, next I really need to finish my driving classes..I already attend the 5hours of ceramah what so ever, computer test that I got about 46/50..I really want a full mark but then I only read a day before the test ( bcoz I'm too busy bbq-ing with my sis).Even my friend; that i meet bcos we are tagged along mak cik ani (the person who wil teach us /me on how to drive and my driving license) that done it 2years ago and didn't pass it in her 2nd try get only 44 and she repeating the same chapter about the KEJARA about 3rd time already only get 44..okay fine that we passes along..Okay2 mengarut sangat..

     Then tinggal the 3 hours of practical after 3hours of ceramah bagai.Ble sy xtahu..Okay pastu really hope that I can pass the JPJ test driving kan sbb takut giler kan kalu x lepas..My mom and dad agreed to buy me a car..It maybe not really my own car coz they want a smaller car rather than the Wira that my dad use now..Less use of fuel..Lagipun kan senang kalu me want to get back to Puncak ..

    Itu pun if I pass the test.Hope pass la kan in 1st try..Ha btw I had a pretty little cat..He's so cute and we adopted in our family..Kesian die kecik2 xd ibu bapa..Kecik lagi kot..Okay next time I will post bout him and his cute picture..

p/s: Borang ptptn xhtr lg....
then sem depan beli MySecret untuk kurus..i think it's about RM299 kot time  tgk kt Nasi Lemak kopi O tadi..Okay da..

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